1. B

      Sapper Class Missile Boat v0.203.105

      Name: Sapper Class: Gunship/Missile Boat Role: Missile support, anti-gunship, anti-capital ship/ anti station, Bomber, Offensive operations Description: the last in the line of gunships in the Valor series, the Sapper HBCG M4, or simply the Sapper Class Missile Boat, is designed to act as the...
    2. B

      Marksman Class Gunship v0.203.105

      Name: Marksman Class: Gunship Role: Escort, Fire Support, Capital Ship/Station Defense, AMS, long range FTL deployment Description: The marksman LED-CG-M2, or simply the Marksman Class Gunship, is the second entry of gunships in the Valor Series. originally envisioned as a close-range support...
    3. B

      Errant Class gunship v0.203.105

      Name: Errant Class: Gunship Role: Anti Fighter, Anti-gunship, Offensive & Defensive, Fire Support, (optional) AMS, (optional) multi-role, (optional) solo mining/salvage, (optional) freelance repair, (optional) Cargo running Description: Originally envisioned as a light corvette, the Errant LMCG...
    4. Brokengauge

      Heavy Gunship 2021-12-11

      The Expanse is one of my favorite shows, and its final season has gotten me in the mood to build a gunship. This is not a replica or anything, it's my own design, but you can probably tell what the main influence is here. This is a "Heavy" gunship that typically escorts capital ships, chasing...
    5. B

      Shortbow Class Gunship v0.203.105

      side front view of the short bow. undeath's it's head where it's sensor suite is lcoated, is both the hard point weapon and Laser emitter. Name: Shortbow class gunship Role: Combat (Defender/Attacker) Description: A first of the Gunship class, a transitory ship between light fighters and...
    6. docpenguindoc

      Razor Crest 1.1

      To celebrate May the Fourth, Doc Industries presents the Razor Crest, as seen in The Mandalorian This ship comes with: 2700 dps cannons Strength 2 perma-stealth Jammer Jump Autocharge Level 4 reactor 3.4 TMR 40,000 shield cap 665 shield recharge 20,000 Cargo Volume Rail features: Landing...
    7. Tamren Shade

      ASDF DDC-2 Uskang 2018-3-31

      Ares Aerospace is proud to announce the launch of our newest and most advanced starship to date! The Lancea II class fast corvette ASDF DDC-2 Uskang! The technological advancements of the last 6 months have resulted in a true generational jump in starship designs. The Lancea II comes about...
    8. Kextractor

      Star Wars LAAT/i 2017-12-09

      This LAAT/i was used in my previous post: the CHIBI Acclamator. It's pretty well known and really meant for role play. It has a decent cabin for it's size and emergency lights. Wookiepedia: Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry
    9. Captain Fortius

      M-95 Gunship v2.0

      Wingspan: 55 meters Height: 20 meters Length: 95 meters Mass: 5,430 units Shields: 500k cap w 50k/s regen Thrust ratio: 2.1 Cargo capacity: 20k internal +100k external Additional systems: -Enhanced shields -lvl 2 mining bonus -Scanner with lvl 4 strength, lvl 2 duration...
    10. ohartenstein23

      OttoTech Industries Skirmisher Mk. II

      My first upload here is a gunship I originally designed to recycle blocks from salvaged Isanths in order to create a fleet to attack more pirates. Re-painted and optimized for the Minimade server, it finds a roll as a support craft for attacking frigate-sized ships. The main weapon is a...
    11. DeepspaceMechanic

      The Cephalopod-class Cannon Frigate v1

      Allow me to introduce this Cephalopod-class Cannon Frigate, a stylish, well-built gunship meant to be used in battle fleets. This ship was very fun to design and construct, it started with a speed-building process that ended with a decent result. Have fun with it and please share your opinion...
    12. DeepspaceMechanic

      CELERITER Y99 v1

      Allow me to introduce Celeriter Y99, a fighter-style, multi-weapon corvette ship. Have fun with it and please share your opinion! :^D FEATURES: - Four lock-on missile systems, each capable of causing 126,000 damage per missile; - A powerful rapid-fire cannon system with two barrels and a...
    13. Drybreeze

      GUNSHIP - Ferox Class Twin Pulsar 2017-03-07

      A small gunship with twin continuously firing pulsar turrets mounted top and bottom that can cover every angle of space between them. Facing laterally at an enemy (regardless of direction of travel) will allow both turrets to track simultaneously, doubling DPS. Will never run out of power...
    14. MaartenAll

      Fury-Class Gunship/Dropship 2017-02-27

      A heavily armed dropship? Or a gunship with a troop cargo? Name it as you wish. This ship was originally created as a replacement of the centaur (Centaur-class bomber) because of it's design to fulfit low-risc bomb operations. However, it turned out this ship was acctually more usefull for...
    15. Gmodism

      GI_Arbalest - Gunship MK1

      The Gmodism Industries Shipyard Proudly Brings you: GI Arbalest - Gunship The Arbalest is a warship with heavy caliber guns tearing some impressive craters in those that dare oppose it, what is also impressive is the 70K cargo bay, if you need to freight some stuff safely this is a option...
    16. TranzorZed

      Destro Retro V1b

      With the debut of the Adamant, Bro Star Manufacturing felt it was finally time to refit the Destro to its former role of Gunship, to provide Fleet Support as the Adamant lays waste to every asteroid in its path. Here is the Destro Retro. Offensive - The Salvage Array has been completely...
    17. Az14el

      Elucidator Ion Frigate 1.2

      Elucidator Class Ion Frigate Designed to shred shields & penetrate through vital systems as quickly as possible, and cripple an opponent before they can break its shields. Primarily uses rapid fire semi-ion cannons for high dps still capable of strong penetration against similar sized ships...
    18. Az14el

      Aster Class Corvette 1.0

      Aster Class Corvette/Gunship A high DPS Cannon & Beam ship, very high weapons count, but quite low shielding (shields can often perform decent for its size due to weapons fire bouncing off the large & quite strongly shielded turrets though) & a wet t-shirt of basic hull for armor. Hope you...
    19. Zsa Zsa

      Zamzara Shipyard "Cerberus" G5550

      While the E555x series proved themselves effective against other corvettes, their slim profile and heavily armoured bow still provided insufficient protection from the attentions of capital-scale weaponry. Newer and more resilient escorts are currently being designed, but in the meantime the...
    20. Olxinos

      915Y-Graffias 2016-07-27

      Notes: Weapons are AI-controlled and set on selected target. The thrusters are mounted on docked entities (customizing the thrust settings is also recommended).