ASDF DDC-2 Uskang 2018-3-31

    Lancea II Fast Attack Corvette

    1. Tamren Shade
      Game version:
      Ares Aerospace is proud to announce the launch of our newest and most advanced starship to date! The Lancea II class fast corvette ASDF DDC-2 Uskang!

      The technological advancements of the last 6 months have resulted in a true generational jump in starship designs. The Lancea II comes about after a complete system teardown and rebuild using our classic Lancea Corvette Space frame.

      The new model is faster, more maneuverable, has superior fire power, and the most advanced FTL systems we’ve put out to date.

      Blocks 82,534
      Mass 9,494 SM Tonnes
      Width 47 M
      Height 39 M
      Length 152 M

      Mk 19 Zero Point Vacuum Converter
      199,800 SMKJ/Sec at 105.2% Stability

      Thrust 25,654 for an extremely high Thrust/Mass Ratio of 2.5

      Single Mk 2500+ Electro-Gravitic General Purpose Shield Generator
      powering a 5.5 Million SMJ Defensive screen with a recharge rate of 51,700 SMJ/Sec

      Mobility +3 Speed
      Mobility +3 Turn Rate
      Base Scanner +3
      Base Jump Drive +5

      Main batteries consist of a pair of 15 MW particle cannons (two complete systems 750 Beam, 750 Explosive) ,

      A four silo VL-LASM guided missile system (420 Missile, 210 Beam, 420 Punch, four outputs),

      and four 30mm light autocannon turrets providing full spectrum defensive fire on all axi of potential engagement (100 Cannon, 100 Cannon, 100 Punch).

      The secondary defensive batteries of six Twin 8mm PDC turrets forward, and four smaller 8mm low profile PDC covering the rear are relatively unchanged from the classic Lancea design.

      To add one of these fine ships to your fleet, visit our Galnet sight right away!








      END RP

      I finally got back around to the new power systems, and couldn't help but rework my favorite ship to date. Like the DDC-1 El'druin, the primary reason I built the ship was to have a personal transport that was really fast, really fun to pilot, looks cool, and has just enough shields and firepower to deal with pirates and maybe convince other players to not shoot at me too much.

      In a fight, the El'druin was intended to kite the enemy and slowly wear them down with long range beam fire. The Uskang is a more aggressive take on that concept, the idea is to either fly away and not get in a fight or get in close and use your superior speed and turn rate to take down larger enemy ship from the flanks or rear while staying clear of any prow mounted BFGs.

      Versus smaller ships the four 30mm cannon turrets will absolutely shred anything not heavily armored, and anything fast enough to catch the Uskang probably doesn't have much in the way of armor. In test fights, my pre-2.1 legacy ships in this size range die terrifyingly fast to the new weapon numbers.

      The small missile battery is very much a secondary weapon. either to finish off a ship that's been stripped of AMS turrets or to take out small fighters or drones that don't have an anti missile system.

      And I do know I have a few more chambers then my reactor can support, the configuration depends on what I'm up to at the time. If I'm just flying around exploring, I'll drop the down to Speed 1 or 2, max out the charges on the jump drive, and boost my sensors for whatever feels appropriate at the time.

      This is still my favorite ship I've built in Starmade, so much fun to fly, and versus things it should be picking a fight with it has an awesome Rocinate-White Star vibe. Have fun!

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    1. MChain
      Version: 2018-3-31
      She's simply magnificent... Looking forward to seeing your other ships...
      1. Tamren Shade
        Author's Response
        Thanks! I have the El'Druin close to being ready, and I'd like to get started on the Lancer tonight. :D
    2. Mitzuki
      Version: 2018-03-10
      Looks good so far. I hope you're working on updating your other ships as well, I'd love to see how you try to go around the new update ;)
      1. Tamren Shade
        Author's Response
        Thanks, I plan on it! I really want to revisit the Winter, but I'll probably update the Areadhbar and Lancer first.

        I started back up on my survival server and we could really use the mining variant of my cutter I've been thinking about doing for a while :)