Errant Class gunship

    Errant Class gunship v0.203.105

    Game version
    Name: Errant
    Class: Gunship
    Role: Anti Fighter, Anti-gunship, Offensive & Defensive, Fire Support, (optional) AMS, (optional) multi-role, (optional) solo mining/salvage, (optional) freelance repair, (optional) Cargo running

    Originally envisioned as a light corvette, the Errant LMCG M6, or the Errant Class gunship or simply the Errant, is a vessel designed to be the first Valor Series Gunship entry, bridging the gap between fighters and corvettes, and is uniquely designed to be a Vessel that can operate at both civilian and military operations outside of a fleet.

    Thus, it is highly favored by independent pilots, mercenaries, PMCS, self-employed civilians, and entrepreneurs.

    Sporting a utilitarian interior, the Errant comes with a Tier 2 multi auto-charge and a tier 2 engine booster, and a reactor booster, enabling this somewhat compact ship to match standard drive equipped fighters and to deploy with larger military fleets.

    It's armaments include a capacity of 4 missiles, one-two barrel missile launchers, one-two barrel ship mounted machine gun. It also sports 6 turrets, brining 4-two-barrel auto guns and 2 single barrel long range lasers. these weapons are not set to AMS mode but can be switched per pilot discretion.

    However, weapons are not it's only built-in feature; it sports a single Astromec array and a single mining array, allowing the Errant to pursue various civilian roles. in addition to this, it's USD- located at the bottom- also features a single load and unload rail, allowing the Errant to perform transportation runs for ore and supplies.

    with this in mind, the Errant can become a gateway to much adventure, victories, profit and wonders.


    Blocks- 5,031/ (with turrets) 5,323
    Mass-441.1/501.1 (with cargo)
    Dimensions (excluding turrets): Length 48 meters, width 39 meters, height 10 meters

    Power/Stabilizers- 275=275
    Shield Cap/Regen- 18750/250
    Speed- 525.6
    Cargo- 4.9 k
    Missile Cap- 4.11

    FTL- Base, Distance 2, multi charge 1, auto charge
    Shield- Shield cap 1
    Power- reactor enhancement, Booster
    Speed- Speed 2, turn rate 1

    Scanner- strength 1

    Weapons & Turrets:
    1x2-CC ship mounted autoguns
    1x2-BM- ship mounted long range tracking missiles

    4x2 Barrel CC Auto Guns
    2x1 Barrel BB long range Lasers

    Salvage array- range 960 meters, 150 salvage tick
    Astromec Repair array- range 240 range meters, 6 reapir
    2 docking rails, 1 forward, 1 USD
    1 unload rail, 1 Load Rail (attached to bottom USD)

    Inner ship undock remote
    First release
    Last update
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