1. E

      Hey ship building ideas and help.

      so I love mass effect and I always thought, "hey! how cool would it be to create a whole line of ships like the Normandy, and create a fleet out of them," so I already have the pictures and the concepts just putting it down on digital, or paper, is kinda hard when you have never built a star...
    2. psteiner

      Share Fleets With Faction

      Hi, I was recently attempting to set up some defense fleets with my friends, and the fact that you can't direct fleets created by others in the same faction seems like a feature that should be implemented. Here's my suggestion. Add options to the faction ranking settings as follows: View...
    3. Jake_Lancia

      Trident Foundries [Back again]

      Welcome to Trident Foundries. Who are we? We are an industrial faction that has existed since February 2013, and we are a founding member of the Union of Intergalactic States faction alliance. Originally created by crazyf22raptor and I on NASS, we have expanded massively since then. We exist...
    4. Edymnion

      Small RP Faction Miner 2019-04-02

      Was just messing around trying to come up with some different looks for faction ships, and rather liked this one. Has a nice worker bee kind of feel to it, might be interesting once we get mining fleets up and going. Anyway, basic small miner. Simple 5 beam waffle continuous fire salvage...
    5. Ramorill

      The Black Templars

      Messages: 158 Black Templars The Black Templars is a proud faction. We are relatively new but grow in size every day and we intend to stay that way. Foreign Policy: While the Black Templars are a conquest driven faction our goal is to dominate the known galaxy, We still attempt to make...
    6. MilitantCollective

      Ares Initiative - Fog of War: Starmade's Version of X4 and Elite Dangerous

      The Ares Initiative is a group of server owners and PvPers that want to see starmade thrive with more strategic and comprehensive gameplay. Our plan is to combine elements of X4, Elite Dangerous, and Star Citizen to create the ultimate server configurations and provide the starmade community the...
    7. StormWing0

      Minor Faction Updates/Fixes

      This is mostly about current factions and their either missing useful features or ones they have but are perma broken. Chat side Invite Player Button: So under that list of buttons you get when clicking on someone's name adding a Faction Invite button would be useful even more so with names...
    8. utahmormon

      Valkyrie Technology Core

      We are a Faction whose main purpose is to Create ships For both Civilian And Military use. We will create any type of ship for your specific need. Weather its transporting goods to wiping out a solar system VTC will give you the tech to Accomplish that Need. If you would like to Join Send a...
    9. MacThule

      Fix Faction Member List

      Last Seen: Dec 31, 1969 - 04:00:00 PM This is still the only thing we can find out about faction member activity from the list if the player is inactive. Sure would be nice to see the actual last logon... more would be amazing, but even just a legit date would be nice.
    10. Tolnorus

      Traders Home blueprints and misc. NPC stuff

      The trade node Traders Home is a beautiful and functional station. I decided that I wanted to build my own, away in some lonely sector, just for fun, except that I cannot find the blueprints anywhere in the game files. The only place it seems to exist is as an entity, and that isn't a...
    11. lokilog

      Faction Customization

      Over the past few days, I've seen few posts/comments talking about faction customization (such as this recent one) so I though I might as well give my thoughts on this. Territory Color As talked about in the previous link, Faction customization via colors would add a new dynamic to the game...
    12. Wolverines527

      UEG (Recruiting)

      Hello and welcome to the UEG other wise known as the United Earth Government we are a faction that has a very creative community. whether you are a new player or an old player that is returning to starmade, you are welcome here. we have a good command staff and a system of ranks you may choose...
    13. Macharius

      Is there a way to restore deleted player faction ?

      Hello there ! A quick question, is there a way to restore deleted player factions ? Did the deleted stuff is stored somewhere in the server file ? I've messed up with the IDs some time ago while cleaning old / non authorised factions on our Mp server, and i'm a bit embarrassed right now. The...
    14. Arcaner

      Factions Redefined

      The suggestion in short; Every (non factioned and factioned) player gets to set an invulnerable "HOME" station somewhere in the universe. This station *cannot* claim the system. All weapon systems are deactivated when docked to HOME. Only that player can use doors, switches, logic etc. It...
    15. Arcaner

      A case study in factions- The solution to everything (ENDED)

      Introduction: Factions, as they currently function ingame, have a lot of problems - When you enter a new server, you just need to set up a new (one-man) faction, make a Homebase somewhere (mostly a place to dock), claim the system, start mining there. Nothing more is needed to survive. The ease...
    16. baclodrifr

      The Greek Legion (disbanded)

      The Greek Legion Is now disbanded. I have joined The New Roman Empire and am no longer independent. My allies, values, and colors will stay the same. Look to the New Roman Empire's recruitment page for more
    17. tn44

      NPC Faction Overhaul (Faction Submissions)

      I am digging through faction configurations and figuring out how things work. So far I am renaming and adding more flavor to the default factions, as well as changing some of their behaviors for a more dynamic universe. If you would like to submit a group of ships to be used as a faction...
    18. Asvarduil

      Esthar Fleet Systems, Ready for Work!

      Pictured Below: Esthar Fleet Systems, hard at work building you new ships! Pictured left to right: Esthar Barge, the biggest ship, made for securely transporting people and cargo to their destination. Top is an Esthar Sentry, and bottom is an Esthar Pickman. Since the exodus from Earth...
    19. Dennis_Delav

      My problem with NPC's

      Although they are a fun thing that got implemented in the game i got this one problem with it. when I'm building a massive ship at a shop it would be nice if the ships flying there would notice such a large obstacle infront of them don't you think ;). Although it's my own fault to enable...
    20. Reilly Reese

      Turion Civilian Shuttle v0-199-253

      Turion Civilian Shuttle Summary: The Turion civilian shuttle is a public market shuttle intended for personal transportation to and from cities and orbital stations. It is neither para-military or military and is extremely fragile when faced with hostility. It comes equipped with: A rail docker.