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    Jan 14, 2014
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    Hi, I was recently attempting to set up some defense fleets with my friends, and the fact that you can't direct fleets created by others in the same faction seems like a feature that should be implemented. Here's my suggestion.

    1. Add options to the faction ranking settings as follows:
      1. View Faction Fleet Locations (default)
      2. Give Orders to fleets shared by faction members
      3. Add or remove ships from fleets shared by faction members
    2. Add options to each individual fleet as follows:
      1. Enable Faction Access
    Each faction member with a ranking that can access faction fleet locations would see all shared faction fleets in their menu and their locations. Factions members who could give orders to fleets owned by other faction members could give orders, and so on for adding ships to faction fleets. Only the owner of a fleet or a faction member with ship add/remove access could disband a fleet which should minimize the exploitability of this feature.

    This feature feels like something that is missing from gameplay and I think adding it would help promote additional inter-faction cooperation. However, I also have a bad feeling that this is something that was deliberately left out due to reasons I'm not aware of at this time, so please let me know if that's what's happening.


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    Mar 12, 2015
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    I like your options. Very practical.
    Personally I would prefer a system where I could use player alias groups.
    I would just have your list in 1, built into the fleet and apply player alias groups or individuals to each option.
    This is so I could also include allies or individuals not in my faction.
    Owner would be a default for each option and the owner of the fleet has full control at all times.
    Faction ranks would be a default built-in groups you could add/remove, to give more flexibility.