Boon-LCT-M1-v2 v0.202.87

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    Class: Cargo ship

    A Cargo ship meant to ferry supplies between stations, the Boon- LCT-M1-v2 utilizing an off loader on it's right side and a loading rail on it's left side. featuring a more extensive transfer system than it's mining counterpart, the Rush-LMS-M1, it's mroe than capable of serving it's role. however it is largely up to pilots to configure how the transfer system works beyond basic connections, making it highly modifiable.

    while not as massive as a bulk freighter or as as well armed as most trade ships and their escorts, it dose pack an extensively modified ftl drive geared towards power efficiency and long distance.

    given it's narrow profile in relation to much large stations, it can easily rotate to load up on goods for a pick up destination and rotate to accommodate a drop off dock.


    Dimensions: W-19 Meters, H- 6 Meters, l- 41 meters
    Mass: 107.9
    HP: 2,210
    Power: 3,850
    Shield capacity: 14.5 K
    shield regen: 300
    Speed: 300 meters per second
    Cargo capacity: 16.1K ( 1.1 k personal cargo, 15 transfer cargo)
    Docking rails: 3, one on the left, one on the right, one at the bottom
    FTL- jump Drive Base Enhancement, jump power efficiency level 3, Jump Distance 3
    defense- Base Armor enhancement
    Power-Reactor Base Enhancement
    loading rail location: left
    Off Loader rail location: right
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