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    CRT Convoy Mk 1.0

    Medium Cargo Hauler

    1. Wilavid7
      Game version:

      After a long development period, Cargo/Resource Transporters is proud to present the newest vessel in its line of Industrial cargo haulers, the CRT-Convoy. Unlike previous cargo haulers in the line, which relied on cargo crate technology, the Convoy features a permanent cargo bay with cargo loaders fitted to the USD docking ports. The vessel is perfect for transport of raw materials to shipyards and other large stations.

      Featuring the newest in technology, the vessel is driven by a high tech C-12 Reactor fitted with multiple chambers to boost jump performance. The vessel also features a sturdy hull and large shield capacity to defend against raiders. The interior can accommodate 2 crew-members indefinitely, featuring crew quarters, a kitchen, shower, and bathroom. The CRT-Convoy is the backbone of any large-scale shipping operation.

      Cargo: 201 k
      Mass: 3,273 (~5200 full)
      Length: 74m
      Width: 33m
      Height: 22m
      Thrust: 7736
      Shields: 207,400 (~800/s)
      Power: Class-12 Reactor (43,890 e/s)
      Chambers: Short Range Scanner
      Jump Drive: Autocharge, Distance 2, Efficiency 3
      Reactor Base Enhancement
      Weapons: 4 SCM-P Anti-missile Turrets
      starmade-screenshot-0001.jpg starmade-screenshot-0002.jpg
      Cargo Bay
      Crew Quarters

    Recent Reviews

    1. Tamren Shade
      Tamren Shade
      Version: Mk 1.0
      I need to a nice cargo ship to help establish a 2.1+ base and here's a nice cargo ship!

      I love the outside detailing and texture you got going, and the interior has a nice cramped Star Wars vibe. Again, fantastic exterior detailing.

      The only thing I'd suggest taking a look at is that your stabilisers systems has a -167 integrity rating, and you do have a decent amount of empty unused space to the port of your crew accommodations.

      I bet you could reorganize the interior system layout and fix the integrity problem and squeeze in a little more engines, shields, or cargo space. :)
      1. Wilavid7
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the review! Yeah I noticed the separate value for stabilizer integrity after I finished the systems of this ship. That's definitely at the top of the to-do list. I'll likely remove the mostly flat stabilizer group at the bottom and use more of that empty space.

        The empty space is mostly to keep power and weight to a minimum since jumpdrive power consumption depends on mass. Also, power 2.0 will likely be tweaked some when the weapons update release.