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    Official ad for the OrbHead line of light freighters:

    "We at the delivery division of Cyberspace Shipyards, Inc. are continually flabbergasted at the stuff you people are willing to order from off-world distributors. You can probably buy most of it in your own damn country, but nooo, you're convinced it's more fashionable if it was manufactured in orbit around Uranus. You could just download those Mars Base sunset wallpapers from NASA's website, but you simply can't survive without those large prints produced at the base itself, can you? And for heaven's sake, isn't there enough drinkable water on Earth?! No, all you self-indulgent snobs can't hydrate with anything less expensive than samples of Europa's ice crust...

    Just kidding, we at the CSSY Courier company aren't actually that judgmental. You're entitled to waste your money on whatever, as long as you pay for the metric-shit-tons of fuel we use in our deliveries. The latest of our cargo vessels, the quad-engined OrbHead model, features customized "intakes", which ensure fuel leakage on a highly profitable level. No route will ever be short enough to prevent us from charging you with a Caspian Sea worth of LH2 and oxidizer, ridiculously above market prices.

    Don't forget, if you wish to burn through your savings like OrbHead through propellant, choose CSSY Courier!
    If you want your bank account vacuumed like how space sucks out his fuel, choose CSSY Courier!
    If you're aching to get all-around ripped off, good and proper, choose CSSY Courier!

    CSSY Courier - your most reliable rocket fuel reseller." ;)

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