Space Battleship Mizuchi

    Space Battleship Mizuchi BP594

    I heard you liked Space Battleships.

    I like Space Battleships too,
    so I built another one.

    She has been named Mizuchi
    after someone suggested to look up Japanese sea monsters or gods.

    So... I re-watched Space Battleship Yamato 2199. (aka Star Blazers)
    Then inspiration struck me again.

    She is a well-armed ship with:​
    • 3 AI fighters and 2 manned scout ships
    • 10 4-barrelled main turrets
    • plenty of anti-missile, anti-fighter cannons
    • 2 Wave Motion Guns
    • Damage Beams
    • plenty of lock on missiles
    • plenty of swarmers
    • Scanner
    • Jammer
    • Warp Drive
    Here is a User Manual for this ship
    Please Note:
    This ship was not really designed with PVP in mind, thus it is more of a role play ship. It's systems may not be fit for PVP.
    Feel free to modify.

    I am not responsible if wireless logic randomly breaks.

    I have left some empty spaces where logic is located for debugging.

    This Ship is free to use/modify so long as proper credit is given.

    Review of the ship by Gmodism

    I looked up images of ships from the Space Battleship Yamato universe, and took features of my favorite ships (including fan made designs) and
    combined them into my own ship.


    ship concepts:

    Here is a site that I found which most of the images that inspired me came from: LightHouse-メカニックス

    Thank you for your time, I do hope you all enjoy.
    PS-Let me know of any problems with the Blueprint.​
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    5.00 star(s) 7 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. Update to fix a few logical misshaps

      Update to fix the following: -dock doors (Armored rail doors) -Remote for hangar bay doors...
    2. Space Battleship (insert name here)

      Updated the 2 Wavemotion cannons to beams.

    Latest reviews

    Not only a great aesthetic build, but also fairly decent systems-wise and fixed a great flaw of the original Star Blazers concept, namely the minimal-to-none turret coverage on the bottom side.
    This is an epic and gorgeous build. The only drawback is the abysmal thrust/mass ratio, but I guess that only makes it move like an actual capital ship.
    I had thought about the fact that it is slow, but looks fast. I wasn't sure if i could balance the systems to make a fast yet powerful-ish ship. Which is why, from now on, I am making shells.
    This is the coolest f**king thing I've ever downloaded!

    11/10, too much awesomeness! :D
    Thank you, I'm glad you are enjoying it!
    Fantastic work of art.
    Thank you captain! I do my best to serve in the Cosmo Force!
    Great ship, you have created a master build.
    Thank you, also, thanks for the review! I have added your video to the post. Your video has also shed light on a few issues that should now be fixed in the new ship update.
    I know nothing of the franchise this is from but I can say it is very well done and congradulate you on your dedication to the detail.
    Thank you. There's a saying that goes: "Go big or go home."
    The detailing and animations are jaw dropping on this thing. I just finished the Yamato 2199 series and I'll admit, the desire to build a space battleship in the EDF style is very very strong, but I'd have a lot to live up to after going over this beauty!

    Although I feel as if I need to take a class on how one is supposed to use this ship. I couldn't seem to get the turrets to engage my test targets , or interdict incoming missile fire, and I wasn't sure what to do with the sheer number of weapon systems you have crammed in here!
    Should I make a user manual for the ship? Were you setting your targets as enemies, using what i think is the right command: /start_ship_ai-1 ? Were the turret ai active? Anyway, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review!
    How awesome it is that you have been re-watching 2199 at the same time that i have.. Its taken everything in me to prevent myself from starting on a space battleship of my own, and stick with my current projects. But from the looks and coloration of your wonderful ship. I would love to see it named the ((EDF Okita)) After the captain who seen the mission through to the end.. But if you simply want a tough name without as much meaning.. Then i suggest Battleship Maelstrom "or" Ironclad.. Because it certainly looks like it provides both in droves.
    2199 is so good i could re-watch it again. I do like the idea of having meaning behind the name, but i want it to sound tough as well. I do like "Maelstrom" so I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for the review!