role play

    1. Captain_Cow

      TI Callisto Mk1 1.0

      I just came back to this game after not playing it since 2015-ish? This is the first ship I've made since being back. I went a bit overboard with rails, so if you like silly rail contraptions, I got you covered. ~ ~ ~ Just because it's the final frontier doesn't mean you can't travel in...
    2. kithwood

      Serveur AVALON. Une nouvelle aventure pour les joueurs, un nouveau souffle pour Starmade! [FR/EN]

      AVALON Server. A new adventure for players, a new breath for Starmade! Welcome/Bienvenue Dans la présentation de AVALON (En Français) Donc Bonjour à tous! 🚀 J'ai le plaisir de vous faire la présentation d'un tout nouveau serveur en développement. Il s'agit d'AVALON, un serveur orienté Semi...
    3. VectorX96

      Protector Class Destroyer 2.0

      Hello, its been a while since I've not only played StarMade, but posted any content. Regardless I give you the Protector Class, one of my personal designs in my Sci-Fi future for humanity. This is the second version of the ship as the first was lost with all of my data some years ago, so I...
    4. Tyto

      VSDF Marcato 1.0

      The VSDF Marcato Heavy Fighter is a capable ship in the Valence Forces. It is built for one pilot, though it contains a second seat for a gunner. The ship is just over 90 meters long. It features the trademark colors, decals, and shape of other Valence ships. The Marcato was built for defense...
    5. Tyto

      VSDF Chorus 2019-10-13

      It can sustain 6, but two will have to sleep on the couches. The VSDF Chorus Corvette is a light-combat patrol ship meant for an ideal crew size of 4- one engineer, one pilot, and two gunners. The ship is 97 meters long, has a 2-level interior plus a bridge, USD, 4 laser turrets, and a few...
    6. Tyto

      Cirrus Luxury Ship 2

      Introducing the Cirrus Luxury craft! This space-yacht is constructed for the finest of comfort while cruising the stars! Enjoy the full entertainment system, sizable living space, and amazing view from the ship's many view ports. The ship is large enough to house a few people for a...
    7. Tyto

      VSDF Maestro v0.201.378, build 2019042

      Hello everyone! I'm rather new to this site- this is my first posting here- but I'm not new to starmade. I've been playing off and on for several years. I've been playing since thrusters didn't have any kind of plume and planets were flat. Over the last few months, mainly out of hype for the...
    8. T

      TTF Fortitude Class Corvette 2019-09-12

      Hello potential customers! We here at TTF are very proud to present our first slightly large combat focused vessel! Armed with three medium sized cannon batteries, and two large missile pods, this ship completely crushed the Isanth that we use for testing all of our vessels! Not only is this our...
    9. T

      TTF Harpy Class Research Vessel 2019-09-12

      Hello dear potential customers! Today TTF are proud to bring you the Harpy Class Research Vessel! Unlike so many of our other vessels, this one is completely unarmed, and managed to successfully destroy the practice target! A full asteroid! Please enjoy your purchase, and note, the company does...
    10. PromisedPossum

      Possum's Shuttle Pack 0.202.86

      All of Possum Tech's favorite small creations updated and placed in one download pack. Go fast, scan vast expanses, mine with dignity, or scout enemies undetected and ready to snipe.:skull: The Star series was updated with stronger salvage, more storage, stronger scanners and activation button...
    11. Tshara

      WS Surge 1.1

      The WS_Surge offers plenty of options for its crew. Although it could be argued that is fits the role of a light frigate as well. Its main purpose is to function as an effective border patrol vessel. Big enough to operate on its own. But small enough to be cost effective in crew and materials...
    12. Lord Daro

      Lendrosell Class Great Hunter Automaton 2018-06-29

      This recource contains a set escort drones that were used by my fictional faction the Amphibos Colonial Empire. Like pretty much all Amphibos ships they don't have energy shields and rely on their armor alone, wich also makes them pretty slow. Like most other military Amphibos ships these drones...
    13. Tshara

      EGG Research Station 1.2

      This station was designed and build as a challenge with the size constraints set to a 51x51x51 box. With a heavy emphasis on role play aspects this build nonetheless features a lot of practical aspects as well. It can function perfectly fine as a survival Homebase. Easy to manage and with all...
    14. Space-Gandalf

      StarMade Skit

      Oh god what have we done..... Truly, this is a piece of art, and if you disagree, then I don't know what to think of you... (obviously I'm joking, but you knew that, right?.... RIGHT?)
    15. Serene-Switch

      What is Wrong with Starmade

      My fellow Starmadians, Shine, hear me please. Our beloved Starmade is suffering from a terrible condition, one that I believe may become fatal if not addressed properly. Many have recently become aware of it, though without truly realizing it, and it has never been more obvious than now with...
    16. TheDerpGamerX

      Exploration Based Server Concept

      (This is in the general section, because its less of a server and more of a concept right now) While I was in chat, a brilliant idea struck me. I've always believed StarMade needed more exploration mechanics. I want all those planets and systems and crap to actually have meaning. Thats why I...
    17. I

      Explorer 2017-11-13

      Hey guys!. This is my first ever upload and my first ever Star trek themed attempt. It is a small corvette class ship. please comment if you would like me to upload more. Thanks for downloading!
    18. E

      Soul Keeper Bay 1.0

      Pavlov Corp. Presents. Soul Keeper Bay with Escape Pod 1.0 A cheap and simple way out of troubles ! (almost fertikeen free, keep it for wars!) First products released by Pavlov Corp. on the galactic market. This fully automated bay for escape pod logic driven is provided with all modern...
    19. E

      Soul Keeper Escape Pod 1.0

      Pavlov Corp. Presents. Soul Keeper Escape Pod 1.0 A cheap and simple way out of troubles ! (almost fertikeen free, keep it for wars!) First product released by Pavlov Corp. on the galactic market. This escape pod logic driven is provided with all modern fonctions expected. Now avaiable...
    20. lamrdan

      Attano Class Cruiser CCX-419 2017-07-30

      The Attano is my most recent attempt at a mid-sized combat oriented ship. Still working on improving exterior details, so if anyone has suggestions, please leave a review. Ship is equipped with vertically launched missiles in a single group, accompanied by a forward facing rapid fire cannon...