The Mega Yacht

    The Mega Yacht Logical Update

    Hello potential customer!

    Tired of overly powerful battleships of mass destruction?

    Don't want to spend your riches on another stale, cold, and heavy war machine?

    Looking for something with more style and relaxation?

    Want to have a party with your fellow stramade friends?

    Look no further!

    Feast your eyes on the great yacht that will show off
    your wealth, fame, and fortune; all while having a blast
    in a party that your enemies weren't invited to.

    Some features that come with the ship:

    2 Turrets to fend off pirates.

    12 bedrooms, 1 master bedroom.

    A hanger bay. (3 docks)

    A landing pad.

    A complementary armed shuttle.

    A movie theater.

    A dance club.

    A bar.

    A pool and a hot tub.

    What this Yacht will say about you:

    First release
    Last update
    4.60 star(s) 5 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. The Mega Yacht Updated

      Updated the logic for the party dance room rave thing... yea! Have a party! Added fireworks too...

    Latest reviews

    The updated version for the new .188 starmade needs to be applied. I downloaded it and am disappointed that I cannot spawn the ship because the new update changed some of the names of the items in the store (i.e. Red Wood is now just Wood, and I cannot get the proper materials needed for this ship and have put a lot of money into it already.
    A really nice build, I dont like it that some of the windows seem more decorative than functional (no rooms behind them or are way above eye level in the room), I love the shape and the master bedroom is awesome I also liked the display modules scattered all over the ship with various amusing messages.
    Fantastic.....does it come in Turquoise?
    Simply an amazing build. The attention to detail is outstanding and the theme is a huge inspiration for anyone doing civilian ships!
    The presentation itself sold it to me. Keep up the good work.