Abandoned Project Treasure Planet Ship 2016-10-09

    Abandoned project, free to use as long as given proper credit.

    1. CW390
      As the title states, this is an abandoned project of mine.
      She was built from inspiration from seeing Saber's RLS Legacy.
      She's based off this image of a ship:

      Her exterior is mostly complete (wedging on the sails is needed)
      and her interior is mostly empty.
      She was intended to be a role playing ship for Treasure Planet fans.

      I have left her alone after losing inspiration.
      So now I give her to all of you.
      She is free to use.

      Please show me what you create with this, link me to the project you used it in.
      I would love to see how you utilized my old project.

      This project is free to use, so long as you give me proper credit.



      Let me know of any problems with the ship file.​
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    1. Lone_Puppy
      Version: 2016-10-09
      Man, this ship has such awesome detail.