User Manual to the Space Battleship Mizuchi

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      User Manual Space_Battleship_Mizuchi

      Congratulations on purchasing your new Space Battleship!
      Before taking your new ship out for a spin, take a look at the instructions and contents for your ship.

      ---Table of contents---
      1. Warranty & Licensing Agreement
      2. Your ship at a glance
      3. Weapons/armament
      4. Hanger Bay automation and operation
      5. Wavemotion Engine
      6. Display/Alert status
      7. Airlock Operation
      8. Accessories
      Warranty & Licensing Agreement


      This Warranty covers the ship for any and all manufacturing defects that include:
      • Missing parts (blocks)
      • Design flaws

      ClockWise 390 Industries (CW390) is not responsible for the breaking of any of the mentioned parts of the ship in the following list:​
      • Logic, logic connections
      • Wireless logic, Wireless logic connections
      • Turrets
      • Docked entities
      • Rail, rail-logic connections
      • Display, display-logic

      -Licensing Agreement-

      User agrees to the following terms when using this ship:
      -Give proper credit when posting, giving/distributing, editing/modifying this ship.

      User has the right to modify, distribute, and upload a modified version of this ship so long as the above terms are followed.

      -Your Ship At A Glance-

      This space battleship contains about 191 docked entities (including docking chains and turrets)
      Length: 374m
      Height: 158m
      Width: 138m
      Power: 126,320,839 gen: 2,377,732.5
      Auxiliary: 13,113,826.6 gen: 1,996,677.8 (on)
      Thrust:Ratio:0.4 it's enough.
      Shields: 16,139,020


      This Space Battleship contains the following Armaments:
      [#]=(Hotbar location)
      • 2Wave motion guns (beam/explosive array) [2]
      • 3 damage beam arrays [2]
      • 2 Main missile arrays [2]
      • Jamming array [2]
      • 6 Rear lock on missiles [3]
      • 6 Rear Swarmers [4]
      • 2 additional rear lock on missiles [4]
      • 3 AI fighters [1]
      • 2 manned scout ships
      Armed with a total of 74 turrets:
      • 10 main battery turrets.
      • 64 anti-fighter turrets.
      Instructions on using weapons
      When operating weapons(including jammer), it is mandatory that auxiliary power be turned on.

      Wave Motion Guns (beam/explosive array)
      The wave motion cannons will drain all energy in one go.
      Use the wave motion cannons as a finishing move for best results.

      Damage beam/overdrive arrays
      Use to take down shields

      Jamming array
      not to be used with weapons/turrets.

      Rear Missile Arrays [3] [4]
      Open missile pods before use (not necessary but looks cool).

      AI Fighters
      Button releases Fighters (hanger doors open automatically)
      For scout ships, see Hanger Bay automation and operation.


      -Hanger Bay automation and operation-

      The hanger bay control center is located on floor 1
      Below are pictures of the control room

      On the wall behind the control desks are 3 buttons:
      • Hanger Door Open/close
      • Release Fighters
      • Exit side
      The exit side button switches the side which the fighters will exit from.
      On the left and right side of the observation glass are the indicators that indicate which side is selected.
      STBD is selected by default.

      At the control desks, there are 2 wireless logic blocks on each side.
      Activate the deploy scout to deploy a scout on that side.
      Deactivate to retract the launcher.
      Only one launcher can be extended at a time.

      There are some safety logic features that prevent mishaps such as:
      • Activating both scout launchers at the same time
      • Releasing fighters while scout launcher is extended
      • Extending scout launcher while releasing fighters
      • Docking one too many fighters

      -Wavemotion Engine-


      This ship comes with a Wave Motion Engine, giving you warping capabilities.
      Also powers the Wave Motion Guns
      The engine is the most vulnerable part of this ship (aux power located here).


      -Display/Alert status-

      This ship is equipped with an alert system to alert crew members.
      To modify the message, go to the Display room located on the 4th LVL near the airlocks.
      Then type your message into the display, then press the button to update.

      The Alert system is set up to go to Red Alert when a certain percent of shields are down.
      A Red Alert controller is in your ships hotbar.


      -Airlock Operation-

      Airlocks are located on both sides of the ship

      Airlock interior
      On the far left is the airlock door which is controlled by the button next to it.
      The button in the middle is to operate the exterior door (DoorShield) that hides the airlock dock.

      A airlock seal button is placed just outside the airlock room for your convenience.


      This ship comes with a Captains chair, that is capable of moving up and down the bridge.
      It is located at the main bridge by default.


      Acquire your ship today!
      >>Space Battleship Mizuchi<<
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      Aug 11, 2013
      I am upset that I cannot like this a few hundred more times.
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      Sep 18, 2014
      We all share this feeling.
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      Jul 23, 2015
      Sweet jesus this is one of the best ships ive seen O_O
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    5. terra mining corp.

      Aug 1, 2015
      Incredible!!! that's all I can say,pretty much speechless.(which is saying a lot!)
    6. CW390

      Jul 12, 2013
      Thanks for the compliments.
      This took me a while to build because of systems and logic. I think from now on I'll stick to making shells.

      I would like to see more Space Battleship Yamato inspired builds in this game.
    7. Deserea

      Jul 23, 2015
      Ive been meaning to make one of the cruisers fron it, but i think i may settle on makeing this tiny carrier i found in one of the episodes, or something similiar to it at least.
    8. CW390

      Jul 12, 2013
      I would like to see your take on those ships.
      Build away, and make the Space Battleship Yamato universe known!
    9. Top 4ce

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      Jul 25, 2013
      This ship deserves more attention!
    10. Deserea

      Jul 23, 2015
      Problem is nothing i do turns out how i see it or want it to xD ill still try of course, but using desigbs from people is a grey sucess area for me
    11. Gmodism

      Feb 1, 2015
      This is a great ship, really great! Thanks for making it and ling live space battleship yamato!
    12. MrGrey1

      Feb 10, 2017
      More Starblazin' Woot! what I've been looking for to do a little reverse engineering. Am currently building a Yamato/Argo myself so this is going to help. Great work.

      EDIT: May I ask what the build time on this was? The detail is extraordinary.
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    13. CW390

      Jul 12, 2013
      I actually don't know how much time I spent on building her in total...
      But I do know that I started about a year ago, working on her every once in a while with hiatuses of months in between.

      Fun fact: she started out as a side ship for a larger ship. I was trying to blend two conflicting styles in that build. Eventually I saw that this side ship should be her own full fledged battleship.
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