Resources ReSourced

    Resources ReSourced 0.5e - Mercantile

    Minor patch.
    • RRS resources are buyable/sellable in shops. no guarantee about restock though
    • Potential fix for gas giant gravity nullpointer(? could not replicate myself; cannot verify fix)
    • Removed stupid, pointless, annoying message notifying admins of persistence autosave
    • Removed unnecessary step in persistence save process
    • Terrain blocks now refine to T0 components/resources in the capsule refinery
    0.3 "Prospect" brings Resources ReSourced very close to feature completion. RRS is now only missing shop cost localization, the Threns resource and factory system for player weapons manufacturing, and polishing steps such as block inventory icons, more gas giant textures, planetary Geodes/Nodules, and a second pass on visual effects. There are, of course, still myriad bugs to be found and fixed, and resource balance needs work as well before the 1.0 release.
    • Added new "Astrometric Scanner" chamber tree under Recon Chambers. Astrometric Scanners yield various information about a system, including info about the zone type, system type, and contained celestial bodies. The Sector Prospecting Chamber augments this with data about the passively-harvestable resources available in your current sector and how much is currently being harvested.
      This new chamber tree also includes a "Stellar Cartography System" chamber which allows you to map systems, restoring the mapping functionality of pre-Power 2.0 scanners.
      • As their functionality is now implemented as proper game mechanics, the /rrs_location_info and /rrs_resources commands are now admin-only.

      • There is currently a bug wherein the astrometric chambers declare "No Effect" in the mouseover tooltip. This is technically correct information as they do not use StarMade's native effect group system, but it will eventually be patched.
    • More resource types are available from planets for passive harvesting via Magmatic Extractor.
      Parsyne and Aegium are now harvestable in very small amounts from planetary cores in the corresponding zones and planet types.
      Ferron planets are planned as well, but that planet type does not exist at the moment.

    • More resource sources are now available in the Galactic Core, including new "Exotic" gas giant types bearing small amounts of Parsyne and Anbaric resources for passive harvest. These (and Energetic planets) are fairly rare in the Core region, in order to encourage going to the corresponding zones for those resources.

    • Vapor Siphons now feature simple visual effects that fire with every harvesting cycle. These will be improved in the future. Magmatic Extractors may also get a similar effect.
    • Ferric zones will now be marked orange on the map; standard Metal-rich zones will be marked grey. This better matches the actual resource colours.
    • Gas Giant visuals now use the correct colors.
    • Gas Giants will now only spawn in planet orbits, rather than anywhere along the system's ecliptic plane.
    • RRS planet type generation now supports differing "lava" blocks. Some terrestrial planets, such as cold ones, no longer generate lava and will instead have ice or crystal pockets.
    • Added an experimental optimization to resource source persistence IO (may have to patch this out for now if active persistence entries get lost)
    • RRS will now generate terrestrial planet profiles upon system entry rather than when visiting the planet (needed for astrometric scanner)
    • Fixed spammy notification of successful planet segment generator substitution
    • Fixed various bugs
    Next feature patch will hopefully include NPC shop buy/sell price + inventory adjustments in various zones based on the availability of resources needed to manufacture a given block. This will hopefully open up freighter viability in singleplayer. I also plan to add map labels for zone names, making them accessible outside of the astrometric scanner.

    Until then: As always, this is a beta release. Expect (and report) bugs. Once again, thanks for testing RRS!

    Resources ReSourced is now designed to be functional in multiplayer. There have also been numerous fixes and improvements, including:
    • Vapor Siphons can now siphon from adjacent sectors. No more wrestling with Gas Giant gravity and sector border bugs in order to harvest Anbaric Vapor!
    • Gas Giant icons now have mouse-over labels showing their type
    • Certain planet types will no longer fail to generate plates
    • Fixed some nullpointers and miscellaneous errors
    • Singleplayer client and server zone names should now be consistent
    As always, this is a beta release. Expect bugs. More fixes, and features such as the astronomic scanner, are yet to come. In the meantime, thanks for testing RRS!

    ~Ithirahad Ivrar'kiim

    RRS now checks if there is actually a server present on the machine to save persistence info to. Whoops!
    • Gas giants will now display in their proper place on the map. (Thanks, IR0NSIGHT!)
    • Special gas giant types are now more distinctive.
    • Some potential performance pitfalls were resolved.
    • Fixed issue where foreign mod block translator got confused and thought RRS Components were other-mod blocks.
    May drastically improve FPS in some situations.