Poddubny class cargo shuttle

    Poddubny class cargo shuttle 1.0


    Ship mass: 104,3 tons (empty)
    Ship power levels: 96 840 e; 15 761,9 e/s
    Ship measures: 25m (l) x 9m (h) x 9m (w)

    Ship engine:
    Thrust: 226,6 MN
    Power consumption: 4 300 e/s
    Ship top speed: 200,4 m/s (empty)
    Ratio to mass: 2,2
    Rotational potential
    X: 2,0; Y: 2,1; Z: 3,7

    Ship shielding:
    Max power: 3 294 e
    Regeneration rate (non-combat): 165 e/s
    Power consumption: 165 e/s

    Ship armament: None

    Ship auxiliary systems:
    Energy consumption: 5 216,8 e/s
    MAX Charge: 437 611 e
    Charge rate: 10500,0 e/s
    Charge time 41,6 s (empty)

    Ship cargo systems:
    1x Semi-automatic Cargo Bay (22.000 liters capacity)

    Ship docking systems:
    3x USDs (front, top, bottom); GW-91 AUTO Cargo transfer dockers.

    Ship armor rating: 54 300
    Ship survivability rating: 32 305

    Ship crew: 1

    Welcome to KB Cosmos!

    Sometimes the expenses of a large spacious cargo vessel’s run can overcome the profit from the cargo delivery. In this case the ideal solution is to use a smaller and cheaper cargo hauler. We are glad to offer you such a ship, the newest in our cargo line – the Poddubny class cargo shuttle.

    The ship, while definitely large for any shuttle, features its own jumpdrive for long-range travel, paired with a jammer to prevent detection while recharging. Its spacious cargo hold allows you to transport a good amount of resources in one run. But the main feature of this shuttle is the complete compatibility with GW-91 cargo system, since its dimensions and docking equipment are almost completely identical to a standard GW-91 cargo container thus allowing its loading, unloading and transportation on GW-91 compatible equipment such as GS-91-1000 cargo hauler or any Cosmos-series ship.

    We hope this ship will serve you well and bring you a good profit.

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