1. SchnellBier

      SBS CC (Cargo Courier) 1.0

      A shell for a cargo ship with small capacity for courier tasks.
    2. SchnellBier

      SBS CS 1.0

      The shell of a small cargo ship with a surprisingly big cargo hold.
    3. Jake_Lancia

      Trident Mega Pack 2 V1.0

      PLEASE NOTE THESE SHIPS ARE MOSTLY EMPTY AND DESIGNED FOR THE END USER TO FIT SYSTEMS INTO. A dense pack of starship shells with interiors, turrets and basic temporary systems. Useful for players looking to expand their factions' military, as well as RP players who value interiors. Contains...
    4. Markus_McCloud

      Lego Duplo Dreadnought (Shell) 1.0

      Hello again! It's me again, Markus_McCloud! Now, a while back, I saw this amazing Lego Duplo build while looking for inspiration for my next ship: The original builder calls it the JCS New Belfast, and they call it a light tactical carrier. Now, I could NOT ignore a ship this good, so I had...
    5. Aureoxynoconiosis

      LQ-165 Phantom Shell 1.0.0

      I got back from my absence in Starmade so I decided to make myself a small corvette for a quick one. I'm trying out new styles now so that it fits better than my previous ship. I did struggle with detailing to make sure that everything's right since small ships have less degree of freedom...
    6. M

      Scrap Pack I 2021-06-21

      Four empty fighter shells. To undock them quickly, target the main entity and type "/destroy_entity" in chat. Orange one is actually functional, but it's really bad. It has half-decent interior, so I decided to leave it as is. Modify as you wish. You may even upload the result on the dock.
    7. M

      Stinky pile of old trash 2021-05-30

      A collection of six extremely dated shells and a gallery of questionable design decisions, such as improper placement of USD, bad armoring, crappy interiors and lame naming. Some interior/exterior blocks are missing because I had to remove all pre-power 2.0 blocks. Feel free to modify as you wish.
    8. M

      Shell 309300 v1.0

      modify as you wish.
    9. DeepspaceMechanic

      PLEIADES FLEET - The Seven Sisters of StarMade v1

      :bigdipper: INTRODUCTION :bigdipper: Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents the Pleiades Fleet: perhaps one of the best examples in StarMade of a uniformly styled, multi-role fleet of high-quality spacecraft. Choose these seven clean, sleek, minimalistic, futuristic ships if you desire to...
    10. Guthris

      NDS - Kyoto Class Guided Missile Destroyer V2G2D01 Ausf EMCON-A3 V2G2D01

      --- Project 552 --- Neotronix Navy Third Fleet - Escort Destroyer Internal name: Kyoto Class Guided Missile Destroyer V2G2D01 Ausf EMCON-A3 Ship class: Guided Missile Destroyer Version: Stealth loadout Length: 391 meters Displacement: Crew complement: 45 enlisted 20...
    11. JinM

      Starter Exploration Vessel economic light version v1.01.00

      This starter vessel is easy to buy without any additional mining neccessary, there is even money left to purchase jump drive modules. You can modify it as you please. Obviously this would look way better with colorful blocks, and I will maybe make an expensive version of it sometime soon...
    12. DeepspaceMechanic

      Geezer-class frigate (SHELL WITH TURRETS) v1

      This is the semi-empty shell version of this ship: Geezer-class frigate It comes with two offensive turrets (730-module basic beams) and five AMS turrets (30/30 cannon-cannon). It has very minimal interior, including two functional airlocks, a core room and a cockpit. It also contains...
    13. I

      Minuteman Station 2019-06-23

      Just a shell- no systems or anything. My computer blue-screened recently so I'm just placing it here in case anything happens before I can start the inside, thanks!
    14. I

      Unreal II Dorian Gray (WIP) 2019-05-13

      Hi! Currently only a shell of the Dorian Gray with some walkways that have windows, and a catwalk leading from the main hull to the engines. No systems or shields installed, but it has power and thrusters. Thrusters will be redone further down the line. It was sort of difficult to build as very...
    15. AlVonWolf

      Shoe Musai 2019-04-18

    16. AlVonWolf

      Gundam Irish Class Shell 2019-04-04

      I tried to get it as close to the source as i could. hope you guys like it.
    17. S

      Naagloshii General Heavy Chassis 2018-09-24

      After a long break from the game until the laws of physics and ship parts manufacturers more or less decided what they were going to do, I thought I'd try my hand at building again. After many frustrating failures, I decided to just go with simple, elegant, brute-force. Like it's namesake, the...
    18. Captainredfox

      MICV-230 2018-06-29

      A medium sized mining ship that I hadn't managed to finish. Feel free to edit and reupload at will, preferably credited but if it isn't no worries. See the link below for images. Slightly out of date sketchfab
    19. Feanor_Arran

      USS Avalon 2018-05-14

      Logic Frame/Shell I had intended to upload this once I had the profile and shell done. Oops. No major subsystems; Reactor and Stabilizers are in, along with Propulsion and Docking. What you get is the shell and much of the logic I've put on, along with some chibi-fighters. Features: Working...