1. I

      Minuteman Station 2019-06-23

      Just a shell- no systems or anything. My computer blue-screened recently so I'm just placing it here in case anything happens before I can start the inside, thanks!
    2. I

      Unreal II Dorian Gray (WIP) 2019-05-13

      Hi! Currently only a shell of the Dorian Gray with some walkways that have windows, and a catwalk leading from the main hull to the engines. No systems or shields installed, but it has power and thrusters. Thrusters will be redone further down the line. It was sort of difficult to build as very...
    3. AlVonWolf

      Shoe Musai 2019-04-18

    4. AlVonWolf

      Gundam Irish Class Shell 2019-04-04

      I tried to get it as close to the source as i could. hope you guys like it.
    5. I

      USM Valor (Shell, possibly WIP) 2018-11-12

      USM Valor WIP, currently only the shell. I made this a few months ago but havent had time to return to it since, so I figure if I never do at least the exterior is uploaded here.
    6. S

      Naagloshii General Heavy Chassis 2018-09-24

      After a long break from the game until the laws of physics and ship parts manufacturers more or less decided what they were going to do, I thought I'd try my hand at building again. After many frustrating failures, I decided to just go with simple, elegant, brute-force. Like it's namesake, the...
    7. Captainredfox

      MICV-230 2018-06-29

      A medium sized mining ship that I hadn't managed to finish. Feel free to edit and reupload at will, preferably credited but if it isn't no worries. See the link below for images. Slightly out of date sketchfab
    8. Feanor_Arran

      USS Avalon 2018-05-14

      Logic Frame/Shell I had intended to upload this once I had the profile and shell done. Oops. No major subsystems; Reactor and Stabilizers are in, along with Propulsion and Docking. What you get is the shell and much of the logic I've put on, along with some chibi-fighters. Features: Working...
    9. Antikristianos

      Derelict ETA Station Turret Updated and Redesigned 1.1

      i recently came across one of the Derelict stations and this Turret was left after i salvaged the station. I took it home and Rebuilt it with a working base/barrel structur. smoothed the surface. added some details i felt would make the Design look better. completly changed the backside because...
    10. AWildSylveon

      Shell for whatever your need is v1

      THIS IS JUST A SHELL Enjoy something to work on for a good while.
    11. DeepspaceMechanic

      Experimental drone ship - A nice shell for you to fill v1

      This was a fun little low-effort project, on which I worked for a mere two days. I had a vision of a relatively small, round-shaped ship that would carry over-sized turrets on its top, bottom and both of its sides. I already had a cannon turret, which got recolored and armored for this project...
    12. Asypha

      Nomad 701-F 1

      The Nomad 701-F is outfitted with the LATEST in power and reactor fittings. Outfit the interior to serve your needs. No matter how demanding your clients; and no matter where your adventures take you; a Nomad will provide you and those close to you the best business location and the best home...
    13. B

      Tour Victoire / Victoire Tower 2017-09-18

      Continuing my series of skyscrapers , an other tower came to be. If anything shine above the rest, that mean there is no good without bad. Therefore, a more humble construction needed to be , to preserve the exceptional look of others tower. This is why the Victoire Tower was made. But...
    14. AtraUnam

      Fulrent Mech 2017-08-20

      So a few caveats, due to the upcomming power update this mechs is presently a shell with the exception of mass enhancers and dockd thrust in the legs. As such if you want it to work you'll need to add more enhancers to allow the arm turrets to move. Additionally there is a little bare logic on...
    15. madman Captain

      FoI Spearhead-Class Patrol frigate 1.0

      Stats: Length: 254m Heigth : 53m Width : 89m 8 Rocked Launchers 8 Penta Barrel AA-Cannonturrets 6 Quad Barrel AA-Cannonturrets 2 Double Barrel Beam Cannons 16 AMS Turrets
    16. bustie

      Carrier Shell 2017-07-13

      This is a long time build. The frame was built when i first started playing a few years ago, been trying to keep up since. After all this time playing i dont have a legit finished ship and i realized after looking around at a fleet of floating shells that i just enjoy making them than i do any...
    17. madman Captain

      FoI Ageis-Class Anti-Fighter frigate 1.1

      The Ageis-Class main pourpose is to be a defencewall against fighters, drones and missiles. Strong engines and a relative low profile design.
    18. Bladeriker

      REF Izarchi (Shell) 2017-05-20

      This is a shell for the Izarchi Class Battle Fortress Carrier. The color scheme is from "Robotech The Shadow Chronicles". I will be adding more detail on the next versions of this shell, as I am waiting on the new systems patch to fill out the insides. Dimensions, L: 682m W:209m H: 133m
    19. Serene-Switch

      Earth Federation Magellan Class Battleship 05-04-2017

      Another rough shell for your inspiration. My apologies about the engines, just couldn't get anything going today.
    20. C

      Tempest Shell [1:1] 2017-04-14

      This shell was imported with SMedit from a model I created with Blender, feel free to modify it for yourself.