Pleiades fleet - "Asterope" destroyer flagship

    Pleiades fleet - "Asterope" destroyer flagship v1

    Game version
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    Presenting "Asterope", the destroyer flagship of the "Pleiades" fleet.

    The ship is named after the brightest component of the Pleiades open cluster of stars.

    Six additional, currently unfinished ships, corresponding to the remaining six members of the Seven Sisters, are intended to be released in an all-in-one fleet package. Stay tuned for that!

    You can download a dockable copy of the super-high-tech elevator used in this ship here.

    • Super-high-tech, five-floor elevator
    • Hotbar-controlled engine startup animation
    • Hotbar-controlled docking prevention
    • Highly detailed RP interior for a crew of about 10, including:
      • Engineering room
      • Core room
      • Kitchen
      • Bathroom
      • Dorm room
      • Medical room
      • Bridge
    • 2.2 thrust-mass ratio; 370 m/s top speed (in game version 0.202.87)
    • 13.3mill shield capacity; 16.5K net recharge (in game version 0.202.87)

    • 5mill e/s reactor output
    • 5,000 blocks worth of stabilization buffer

    • Global internal armor lining (one block thick standard-tier alloy)
    • Thick frontal armor reinforcement

    • Chambers:
      • Level-3 fast-charge, plus auto-charge for jumpdrive
      • Level-3 top speed buff
      • Level-2 shield capacity buff
      • Basic passive reactor boost

    • Internal reinforcement materials used:
      • Teal advanced
      • Teal standard
      • Teal basic
      • Green standard
      • Green basic
      • Glass
    • A powerful, single-output, lock-on missile system (2,500 missile + 2,500 beam)
    • A heavy basic cannon turret (9,000 cannon)
    • A heavy continuous beam turret (4,500 beam + 4,500 cannon)
    • Two AMS turrets (200 cannon)

    A few of the interior compartments:
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