blockade runner

    1. docpenguindoc

      DI Thunderstrike 1.0

      This CR-90 is near-identical to the Tantive IV on the outside, however the interior, as well as nearly all docked entities have been stripped out, and replaced with solid systems throughout the ship, making it much more function over RP. Also less intensive, due to the lack of docked entities. A...
    2. docpenguindoc

      DI Tantive IV 1.1

      Tantive IV While this ship may be several times larger than anything I've built prior, I've still done what I could to make it just as interactive, and thus it features several rail features (shown below), turrets, and escape pods, along with a full 4-deck interior complete with rail doors. All...
    3. S

      Bullfrog Black Ops Heavy Lifter 1.0

      Neo Echota Drive Yards is proud to present to you the new Bullfrog Black Ops Heavy lifter! This craft ensures that your cargo deliveries make it to their destination, regardless of their legality, or the disposition of local law enforcement when taking on or offloading cargo. Not to mention...
    4. Muffin_man17

      MC Drudge Class Vessel v0.201.200g

      The End and New Beginnings The Miners Coalition have suffered many setbacks in their short time in space and many more in their long history. During the Coalitions initial foray into the stars they discovered large quantities of usable resources in the abundant asteroid belts surrounding their...
    5. lamrdan

      Ronin Class Corvette KE-019 2017-05-20

      This is the first ship in a series of ships I hope to complete soon. This is the smallest ship in the series as it's meant to fulfill the role of Escort-Corvette. More ships will be coming soon so stay posted 3D Model: Rear: Front Right: Front Left: Rear 2:
    6. lamrdan

      Starsetter 116 Long Range Luxury Spacecraft 0.199.169

      This specific Starsetter 116 has been equipped to transport diplomats both quickly and safely through any conditions in space a pilot can encounter. The ship has a healthy amount of missile defense for its size, as well as a fairly capable offensive missile launcher that is capable of taking out...
    7. Atheu

      Void Fleet Systems - Argo RC6

      Ship Details ======================================================= Creator: Atheu Shipyard: Void Fleet Systems Shipyard Acronym: VFS Ship Name: Argo Revision Version: RC6 Role: Light Fighter/Blockade runner ======================================= f30ff863b5284efc8d83cc53c9ce901d VFS- Argo by...
    8. TheOppwnent

      TheOppwnent_FleetSubmission_1 2016-06-21

      I didnt have alot of time but i managed to make some pretty ships( atleast i think so) a light Fighter, a Corvette and a Mining Ship. I hope you guys have plenty of fun with them, also Top4ace helped me on the Fighter Engines. -The miner was kinda rushed hope its not too noticeable -Im not...
    9. Fugari2

      ISR-Gladiator-Class-Blockade-Runner IS-1

      light ship designed to transport materials to besieged allies or exploration - in no way is this a freighter made entirely of hull, u can replace with armor on your own, at first was an attempted cloaking ship that failed large interior for its size additional features - landing gear -ship...
    10. W

      CR90 Corellian Corvette 2015-11-23

      Here's my Phase 2 Corellian Corvette. I've added the decks, rooms, and some inferior stuff, I admit my decorating sucks. But the room layouts are close to the deckplans I've found online. Going from the top down; Deck 1 is the Captain's/Ambassidorial Suite Deck 2 is the officer's area and...