First of congrats on completing this beauty. If it is one thing I love about your build it’s the amount of detailed interior and interaction you managed to pack into the hull.

    Would love to see you give a tour as you did with the Falcon.
    I didn’t count the beds in this ship but I don’t think it was 42 :D
    Did noticed some minor things.

    - The ship was in AI mode when it spawned in, so it started running as soon as it spotted a pirate.

    - The big dish was not spinning. Even pushed the button for it but unfortunately it did not go.

    - You might want to give the escape pods a bit more rail length to be able to smoothly dock again.

    Just minor things but it hope it helps.
    Thank you! I do plan eventually making a video, I just wanted to post it to see if there was anything obvious I missed first.

    - For the AI mode, I forget it exists sometimes but I can update that.

    - I haven't had a problem with the dish spinning, but it's possible it simply doesn't appear to be spinning. It spins extremely slowly

    - I havn't had too much problem with the escape pods docking poorly, only once in awhile it bugs out but hasn't gotten stuck yet.

    Thank you for the advice