GC-class containers 2018-11-21

    Universal cargo containers for your needs. Power update

    1. MChain
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      A pack of 25x9x9 cargo containers by Gaswerks (GC stands for Gaswerks Container), updated for new power system and modified for more inner space. The containers come equipped with pre-installed faction modules and telepads. Docking facilities consist of 4 USDs, located on top, bottom, front and rear sides. The containers are equipped with minimal thrust and power levels for local transportation, but should be moved with either a dedicated tug or a cargo loader system. Storage volume 69k. Basic shielding will prevent accidental damage, but should not be relied on too heavily.

      The package includes containers in all basic armor colours plus 2 liveries painted on: KB Cosmos one and old Gaswerks one.

      Not my own build again, just an update. Damn I REALLY need to get back to my own ships, but ah all that precious time... Sometimes you need to do the IRL stuff, and sometimes it can get pretty pleasing, more than enough to forget about even the best of games like our beloved Starmade

      The original GC container was created by Gasboy for his GS-91-1000 ship


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