Greetings citizens, ~

    We’ve worked long and hard on this, and now we can finally reveal it. StarMade will be getting all new planets!

    Here is the first screenshot of the new planets:

    These new planets are according to our benchmarks about a million times faster to load and only take a fraction of memory compared to the old ones! Generating the actual core of the planet was the hardest obstacle to overcome as it required exact placement of one block in a very specific position. One coordinate off, and the block would be in a different position, so we had to work for countless hours on getting those three numbers exactly right.

    These planets will be visible from all across the universe, as long as you are no more than a mile away from them. They integrate into the game seamlessly. The problems of them not being round has been finally solved by using a cubic sphere representation that looks like one cube block, but, if you squint and tilt your head slightly to the left, actually kind of looks like a sphere.

    There is so much to explore! As you can see, this planet will have multiple biomes. While exploring you will encounter vast deserts full of sand blocks, deep forests with lots of foliage. Colder areas with ice crystals all over the place.

    Take out your ship core, strap a thruster on it and explore all these exciting new planets. Don’t forget your salvage computer to mine some resources on your journey.

    Can you identify me?

    Thanks for playing StarMade,

    ~ The Schine Team

    Can you ID me?

    Block IDs of all blocks named in italics.

    PASSWORD: 7485286184

    Hello players,

    As announced last time we are going to release pre builds from now on. This will allow us to do a lot more quality assurance.

    Here is the news post:

    StarMade News - StarMade Pre-Release 0.199.491

    Thank you for playing StarMade,
    - schema and the Schine Team
    Hello players,

    it's spring cleaning time and we improving our workflow for better and higher quality development!

    read the full news here: StarMade News - StarMade Dev Update: Spring Cleaning

    thanks for playing StarMade,
    - schema and the Schine Team
    Hello players,

    a new update has been released. Read the full news here:

    StarMade News - StarMade v0.199.459 - Major Performance Upgrade

    Thanks for playing StarMade,
    - schema and the Schine Team
    Greetings citizens,

    Instead of a release, we felt it necessary to address an issue that we've been discussing for a few months now.

    When working on some mechanic changes and additions, specifically fixing weapon balance and upgrading the AI, we kept stumbling upon fundamental problems with our current way of building structures with at its core, the power system.

    For this reason we discussed those problems and came up with a possible solution, which we would like to present to you here:

    Power System Overhaul

    Please use that thread for discussion.

    Thank you for playing StarMade,

    ~ The Schine Team