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    Several months ago, we shared our concerns about the current power system with you, and at the same time, present a power system proposal that would tackle some if not most of the mentioned problems.
    We’ve received a large amount of constructive feedback since then through posts and other power ideas you came up with. We greatly appreciate that, it gave us a lot more insight to further refine our own ideas.

    At first, we tried to salvage the original proposal as much as we could but in the end, too much was adjusted and there was little cohesion left between our core mechanics. We reached a point where we just wanted to start from scratch again, keeping our vision and your feedback in mind.
    This also explains why it took us this long to get another proposal ready for public.​


    First thing we did, was figuring out which criteria our new system should fulfill.
    These are the ones we used for power and anything tied to power consumption:
    1. Predictability: Placing a block leads to predictable outcomes
    2. Simplicity: The game should only describe the rules to the player, not telling the player exactly what to do
    3. Make every block matter without losing its importance with different ship sizes
    4. Depth: The system needs to have equally viable...
    Greetings citizens,

    We have an update on the power update as well as an exciting announcement for you.

    What are we working on right now?

    One new thing is that in our internal builds, fleets are now saving orders on logout and server start and restart. You can expect fleets to save orders in future dev builds. As previously mentioned, we have been constructing a comprehensive power document to share with the community. It is now being finalized along with a video to give an easily digestible overview of the entire proposal. These will be released simultaneously later this week.

    Be sure to check our last news post for more specifics, since we are still discussing those internally.

    New developer joining the team

    For the past two and a half months we've been getting a new game developer familiarised with the code and how we work. Some of you will already be acquainted with him as an active community member, welcome to nightrunenightrune (Sean Sill)!

    Thanks for playing StarMade,

    ~ The Schine Team
    Greetings citizens,

    It’s been a little while since the last news update. However, we decided, that with a new flexible release schedule it would be best to do weekly news posts when possible from here on out. This is all detailed in a forum post here: StarMade Release Cycle & News Posts

    What are we working on right now?

    One major addition will be a new request system, that will give better overall performance and superior logic for requesting chunks allowing for larger entities. Fleet commands will be made consistent between server restarts, as well as improved local movement, and we will be looking to make fleet fight-or-flight behavior a lot better.

    We are also working on other projects in the background, but we can’t reveal everything just yet. The level of planning and discussions has probably increased tenfold since StarMade’s next steps will be quite large, so what we can reveal right now is in the next section. Much of these discussions have revolved around our end goals document. We’ve been working on a public version that we would like to release soon.

    Future Plans

    Our current focus is on outlining the final gameplay elements of the game as a whole and making sure we cover the aspects of exploration, movement, building, fighting and developing your empire in an interesting and satisfying way for the player.

    For this to work properly, we have to adapt our current universe layout. We are discussing and planning how the next version of resource distribution will work in the universe. The game’s present universe is very uniform and doesn’t lend itself to a more dynamic universe we would like to see. This leads us to discuss and work on two specific things. Where resources are and how, you as the player, use them. The current system we are designing will be moving to more points of interest and contention in the...
    Hello Players,

    the new update has just been released containing lots of fixes making the game a lot more stable.

    read the full news here: StarMade News - StarMade v0.199.535 - Spring Cleaning

    Thank you for playing StarMade,
    - schema and the Schine Team
    Hello players,

    just a quick update. The current pre-build is pretty much ready to release. With to our new policy we will let it run on the test server for at least one day and optimally longer to ensure there is nothing bad in that build we didn't know about.

    Expect the release probably monday. Of course, you can already play it if you switch to the pre branch.

    StarMade has never been this stable. However, there is of course a lot of work left still, but it will get only better from here.

    After drawing writing up countless pages of concepts and design documents, as well as daily discussions we are very close to announcing our new power proposal. We agree with a lot of the constructive criticisms the last one got and we started fresh in a very systematic and analytic way. We are currently writing up the final document meant for public release. Stay tuned for that.

    Thanks for playing StarMade,
    - the Schine Team