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    After much consideration at Schine, we will be postponing the next term until we've sorted a few things out. We want to take some time to solidify what we (Schine) want the Council to be and how it should be operating. We also want to get feedback from the community, former Councillors and take some time to plan for ideas we've already discussed. During this period we'll be evaluating what we've done right, wrong and what can be improved.

    We see no reason to rush into a next term until we're certain on where we wish to head. We believe that the best option is to take some time to focus on making the next Term the best it can be, ensuring that we start from a solid, transparent foundation.

    In the last few weeks, we’ve taken feedback from current and former councillors. We’ve implemented a couple of changes and seen an increase in activity from the Council; this has been in an effort to be more transparent and improve communications between Schine and the Councillors. Given a bit of time for us to evaluate and plan for the next term, we think we can capitalise on the experiences from the previous three terms.

    We have no plans to discontinue the program; we do believe that it needs a bit of work from our end to make the most out of community members' willingness to volunteer time.

    A couple of examples of ideas we'll be investigating are assigning the Council to gather information for new default values for our server config and a Community Events program.

    We know some great community competitions/tournaments are run throughout the year. We think it would be beneficial for both the community and those who run these events if there was some system where these events could be broadcasted to the rest of the community. These would comprise of the typical building and fighting events as well as other aspects of the game such as racing, drones/AI, logic/rails and so on. Along with community events, we'd still be hosting official Schine ones from time to...
    Hello players,

    an update has just been uploaded. Get the full info here:

    StarMade News - StarMade v0.199.214 - Auxiliary Power, Better Graphics, Better Textures, and Bugfixes

    Thanks for playing StarMade,
    - schema and the Schine Team
    Hello citizens, ~

    a small hotfix has been uploaded:

    ~ Fixed servers with lots of blueprints freezing when a player saves a blueprint (Uncontrolled multithreading caused too much memory being consumed)

    ~ Fixed cores being destructible on client side (didn't affect servers, so it had no direct gameplay implication)

    ~ Fixed orientation resetting for damaged blocks on client side (also didn't affect servers, so it fixed itself on reload)

    ~ Changed entity saving method to possibly fix issue of playerstates resetting on some systems. Also increased log output on that should it still happen.

    Thanks for playing StarMade,

    ~ the Schine team
    Greetings, Citizens ~

    Terra here. After many months of working on the new launcher, I’m excited to finally announce its release!

    The new launcher is a pleasant departure from our previous, rather utilitarian version. It’s beautiful, very user-friendly, and should help resolve many issues. (Though, should you prefer using the legacy launcher for any reason, you may still do so.)

    Please note that we are only releasing the launcher on Steam at present.
    A standalone version will follow soon.

    If you want to use the new launcher outside of Steam now, head over to our downloads page and hit the “DOWNLOAD NEW LAUNCHER” button StarMade .

    Here are a few of the major points:

    Bundled Java
    One of the primary benefits of the new launcher is that it comes already bundled with Java. Not only will this allow users to launch the game on systems without Java installed, it also ensures the correct bit version for their system. (While using 32bit Java on a 64bit OS is possible, doing so causes significant performance issues.) Furthermore, we specifically picked the Java version we’ve bundled for its better performance, so using the new launcher should improve gameplay experience, at least slightly, for most players. (Should you prefer to use your own installed Java version instead, you may specify it within the launcher options.)

    On a related note, there’s a relatively rare but difficult-to-troubleshoot problem that has plagued many players in StarMade and other Java games alike: the _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable. When present, it overrides any settings passed to Java, often causing crashes or extremely poor performance. The new launcher warns you when it is present and allows you to alter its value if desired.

    These two features should resolve the majority of pre-launch issues.

    Steam Linking...