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    SCS-Infinity-SiegeCruiser 1.0


    1. BoomMicGuy
      This ship is StarCorps acting Battleship and is a fierce machine. it includes 4 nuke tubes two of which are mega nukes and the other two are smaller mini nukes. it features a ion beam to help with taking down any shields the station, planet, or even the enemy capital ship might have. It also has scatter missiles for decoys against AMS (Anti Missile Systems). Lastly it features a large cannon turret to assist in pounding ships. Lastly it includes 12 quad barrel turrets to assist in smaller ships. It also includes the Starcorp standard Shuttle.
      starmade-screenshot-0078.png starmade-screenshot-0079.png starmade-screenshot-0080.png starmade-screenshot-0081.png starmade-screenshot-0082.png starmade-screenshot-0083.png