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    Bug Instacrash! Weapons update log-in

    Discussion in 'Game Support' started by Green-Knight-44, Jul 12, 2018.

    1. Green-Knight-44

      Oct 13, 2016
      Hello lovely people!

      So I've had a problem recently (just before weapons update) of crashes when i'd fly around my server built space station (fyi it's under 100k but has big ships docked to it) it only happens sometimes, and i figured it was just a block loading issue, but now that's not the issue because YAY, the weapons update simply just doesn't let me press the spawn button before crashing me back to my desktop.

      Here's what i tried,
      -NVIDIA updates (always says i need an update, then tells me i'm already updated) well, so much for that...
      -A fresh install, just did it. Wiped all the starmade folder stuff from steam and installed a fresh folder.
      -went to my graphics settings, made sure things weren't too overpowered (my computer is pretty great still but i was being cautious)
      -went to my favourite server
      -loading screen goes swimmingly
      -As soon as i get to the spinny space spawn moment, it almost instantaneously closes and crashes out.

      I've done a reversion to the former version before the weapons update and everything is fine.

      Plz HAAAALP!

      Thank you,
    2. happahappa

      Jun 19, 2016
      can you post the game logs for the time, the crash happens?
    3. MrGrey1

      Feb 10, 2017
      Id' be trying a different username on the server. If you can login and get connected with a different username then make your way back to your station and see what happens. Also I'd be contacting the admins and see if they can help by going to /loading your station and see if it's just you or if it's the station.
    4. Green-Knight-44

      Oct 13, 2016
      Hey guys, Thanks for the feedback. In the end, it took me about five attempts, but I finally found an Nvidia Driver compatible with my card which was severely overdue for an update but needed a manual install. Now everything works smoother than it ever has. Also I'm good at finding the Exact Nvidia drivers I need when it bugs me for an update now hahaha. I appreciate the quick responses though!
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      As for the station loading issue, I think the driver update will help. my server hasn't updated to Weapons 2.0 yet but I'll know if it helped by next week. I have a feeling everything's going to be fine from hereon in though.