1. 1

      Bug Block textures are wrong

      When I am switching to an old version and then to the newest, a combination of right and wrong block textures are used. Redownloading does not help.
    2. Captain Fortius

      Cloaking makes docked parts become invisible to ship's own pilot

      Since the "Phabricator" page seems like it was designed by a space alien with the sole intent on making it as unusable as possible, possibly to keep the number of reported bugs low, and on the few occasions I chose to spend my time on reporting something there, the people in charge either failed...
    3. Captain Fortius

      Armor "chambers" don't work. At all.

      So, the system has been out for quite a while now. Has anyone else noticed Armor enhancement "chambers" (insert obligatory ptoooey on use of this word) in the defense tree don't actually do anything? The description says they'll increase your blocks' resistance to certain types of damage. So...
    4. klawxx

      Bug obfuscated again, this time at my windows machine...

      Here are the game log and the error after my game crashed... This already happened at my Linux machine several times, but it's the first one at windows. I thought it was O.S. related, but definitely no. This problem happens when I cross one of the new canister blocks with another one selected...
    5. klawxx

      Move faster in build mode [1/3 SOLVED]

      Hello, guys! AndyP , Lancake, DukeofRealms . I would be delighted If anyone could help me with these minor nuisiances: 1) My support / feature request is simple enough. I believe that it can be achieved editing some obscure XML like file that I'm unaware of. Is there a way to move faster on...
    6. Dr. Whammy

      Chunks only load at close range. Full fly-through required to load

      When I spawn some larger ships/structures, they do not completely load. Instead the nav icon appears with some or all of the structure remaining invisible; showing only logic pipes. - If I approach the structure, chunks will quickly appear when I come withing about 100 meters. - A build...
    7. EricBlank

      Game Launcher Immediately Hangs on First-Time Startup

      So I just bought myself a brand-new gaming laptop and figured, why not see how much Starmade it can handle? The laptop, first of all is a Dell, it came with windows 10 64bit pro and a free trial of McAfee security, it has sufficient RAM, CPU, graphics capabilities. So I've installed java RE 8...
    8. klawxx

      Bug What am I doing Wrong? Display Module Inconsistences [partially SOLVED]

      I believe the Image bellow is self explanatory... HELP! schema Lancake Also, some chars we used to get less characters per blank space are not working anymore... I get the default ASCII square when using bigger blankspaces: Whitespace character - Wikipedia
    9. Sachys

      So... those plex corners everybody is talking about, eh?

      O___o Well, a docked plex door wedge turned into a corner as soon as its state had been altered. Wondering if I can copy and paste it now. Hmmm... Not the best screencap, but I havent had a flashlight work in... forever, so this was the best I could do with lighting.
    10. JackBeFlippen

      Bug So the game runs flawless until someone pulls a trigger

      So the game runs flawless until someone pulls a trigger. I can build huge things, I can make doors open and close, I can pull in large ships with crap tons of docked entities. but the moment I pull the trigger with something with 1 gun cannon to a star destroyer full of cannons missiles, or...
    11. V

      My large ships keep breaking

      Ok, so when building big ships in singleplayer, I build them around 600m, to 1km, long, and when I try to admin load them in, large chunks (like, actual 32 by 32 block chunks) are missing from the ship. If I leave my world, and then join it again, the chunks, again, are missing. They are always...
    12. DeepspaceMechanic

      [Kinda resolved] Broken rail mechanics?!

      There's a major bug with rails. I first encountered it after the power update... Did a quick search on it today and found only this other thread about it: https://starmadedock.net/threads/on-load-docked-entities-are-immobile-and-slightly-angled.30281/#post-363640 In that thread from February...
    13. Aesthetics

      (SOLVED) severe decrease in performance post-weapons update

      lets address the skoomba on the roomba prior to the weapons update (and before the power update at that, i haven't played since last year lmao) my framerate used to be a pretty gucci 30-40fps on a singleplayer universe, pretty good for building nice ships, but now i get like 7-10fps lmao, even...
    14. Green-Knight-44

      Bug Instacrash! Weapons update log-in

      Hello lovely people! So I've had a problem recently (just before weapons update) of crashes when i'd fly around my server built space station (fyi it's under 100k but has big ships docked to it) it only happens sometimes, and i figured it was just a block loading issue, but now that's not the...
    15. MrGrey1

      Bug Repulsors Causing Ping Problems

      Was doing some detailing and decided to use the Repulsor Module as a decorative block. Ping with about a dozen Repulsors; Ping without Repulsors; (Current release 200.335)
    16. arkahys

      Can't salvage if I don't move but no reload time.

      I post 2 bugs on the bug report : First Because when i don't move mouse or ship (then beam), only firsts blocks shooted are salvaged, until i move mouse or ship. Second there is no reload time for salvage, i can fire continually by keeping mouse button pressed. reload time occur only if i use...
    17. T

      Friendly Suggestion To Devs

      Like the title says just a friendly suggestion to the dev's, if a system is completely broken(AKA the ship yard system) you should probably disable it. If you do not do this and leave a youtube tutorial on your main channel that show every thing working fine your going to end up wasting a lot of...
    18. F

      Bug Starmade keeps Updating/Downloading every time i open launcher

      Every time i open the launcher i have to update and i assume you guys don't update every second. Plus it is like a full download, As if i was downloading the entire game again.
    19. PriZm

      Another small bug concerning chambers and ship mass

      I found a new bug while constructing ships and trying to balance mass and thrust/energy cost of stuff. It seems that inactive chamber have MUCH less mass than active ones. I had my thrust mass ratio at 2.5 on one of my builds, but after i activated the chambers i wanted to use, the mass went up...
    20. F

      Rail Undock Logic - Bug or Ignorance

      Hi guys, I've been playing the game on and off for a few years now and after a long pause, I thought I'd give it a try with the new power system. So here I am trying to simply undock a ship using a button. "C" on the Activation Module "V" on the Basic Rail Activate the Activation Module and...