1. Lord DarkSide

      07.25.19 Ideas for Dev Discussion

      1) ADMIN spawn a object. I don't found a kind of delete function in game 4 them. Only player object despawn function. 2) For build and mining function at planet and asteroids, i miss glowing contour at workplace, like Minecraft or Minetest.
    2. MacThule

      Beta Galaxy needs more than just Isanths

      I know this one has been around several times before, but with Beta Galaxy coming around soon-ish, I think it's time to revisit. Idon't actually like starting players out with a ton of random components and $50k in their pockets. It's a hassle, but honestly it's no harder to survive than when...
    3. Green-Knight-44

      Bug Instacrash! Weapons update log-in

      Hello lovely people! So I've had a problem recently (just before weapons update) of crashes when i'd fly around my server built space station (fyi it's under 100k but has big ships docked to it) it only happens sometimes, and i figured it was just a block loading issue, but now that's not the...
    4. oasisdog

      Additional Random Spawning System

      StarMade MOD / ARSS Additional Random Spawning System (The basic specifications are written on the MOD page, and know-how is written on this page) This MOD to add a new random spawn function to the game. Will make the universe more diverse and thrilling place. Depending on player's location...
    5. D

      Crash on Spawn (Singleplayer and Multiplayer)

      As the title says, the game crashes when i try to spawn into a world. It loads the world fine, I can see ships and everything when in the spawn screen, but when i click spawn or cancel, the game crashes. I reinstalled the game, but that didn't help, neither did trying to load a new (empty) world.
    6. RabidBat

      Deny admin catalog access to moderators.

      Hey, looking for help once more. With the ability to deny commands to players via the admins file I am wondering if there is a way to also deny a user admin catalog access. While we can deny moderators all give commands they can still access the admin catalog manager in game and spawn things...