1. EricBlank

      In the Universe Update; Dwarf Galaxies.

      So this is based on some real science, presumably, because I saw it on the science channel, right? Anyway, there is such a thing as as dwarf galaxies. Compared to the milky way, which contains billions of stars and has a spiral shape, these are pretty formless clusters of a few hundred thousand...
    2. Reilly Reese

      Quality of Life Improvements that really should be in the next update.

      Here's a small list of things that might slip under the rug and while they don't affect gameplay majorly really need to be seen soon. 1. Grate Collision Mesh Fix (As far as I know this is already confirmed but i'm not going to stop mentioning it until it's implemented) 2. Block Labeler...
    3. Tolnorus

      How do I prevent a StarMade version update?

      How do I lock StarMade to a specific version and prevent it from automatically updating to a new release? There is supposed to be infrastructure in Steam to do this, but either it isn't working correctly, it doesn't exist, or I have it setup wrong. I have tried to set my version to Release...
    4. C

      HELP NEEDED excel spreadsheet for mass and power distribution!

      I'm creating a spreadsheet to help design new ships based on both mass and power distribution, however I need th eqations for several systems wich have been updated! The wiki is so outdated I cannot even trust one thing there. I'm using my old computer wich cannot run starmade right now so I...
    5. F

      Bug Starmade keeps Updating/Downloading every time i open launcher

      Every time i open the launcher i have to update and i assume you guys don't update every second. Plus it is like a full download, As if i was downloading the entire game again.
    6. KevinFett

      Shield Help

      Hi! I'm having a bit of difficulty working with the new shield system. Specifically, I can't make one shield generator cover my entire ship. I'm working on building a star destroyer and with it's longer shape, the shield AOE covers a lot of unused space while leaving the front of my ship...
    7. Ashes152

      Trello Update

      Could we please get an update to the StarMade Roadmap? Link: Trello
    8. Captain Fortius

      What have you done... (power system wtf)

      Allright. Let's start with the good parts. There ARE some good things in the new power system video. Namely power priorities, the long overdue fix for weapons consuming power before firing ( I don't know why was this not treated as a bug sooner; ATM if there's not enough power to shoot a...
    9. Knuckles

      Universe transfered from old version - game now crashes on any inventory screen

      Hi all, I last played StarMade regularly back in 2013-2014. My old client & server version numbers are 0.1421 - date 20140404 - build(?) 194643. Upon copying the server-database across and loading it in the new version - everything (well - the couple of ships of mine that are near me) appears...
    10. Joemir

      The solution was not Adding Auxiliary Power...

      Why do we have a power soft cap of 2 million? this is the reasoning behind power generation docking. Auxiliary just seems like a useless block addition to me. remove the power Softcap and Aux power and you will have the same thing with less systems
    11. Babouh

      The StarMade smd3 file format (Chunk 32 update)

      Hi everyone, I'm using the Starmade blueprint (sment) for a mod project but with the last update the blueprint system changed. I was wondering if there is any information about the new smd3 file format? Something like the 010 template for the smd2 format maybe? So if anyone has any other...
    12. RabidBat

      Could a Dev in the know please answer this.

      Heard unsubstantiated rumours of an update coming that will require a universe reset. The server I assist with managing, we've been talking about resetting the universe ourselves, adding working custom stations and the like. Just we'd hate to do so to find out a week or month later we'd be...
    13. StormWing0

      Updated Isanth Type-Zero - The Isanth Type-ZeroStorm 2016-04-01

      Yep got these done too. Now I didn't figure out how or when to put effects on them and that version of them will be its own type altogether. These are as close to the original as possible hence the name hasn't changed much either. This version of them also includes a Pulse weapon version, yes...
    14. StormWing0

      Updated Isanth-VIs V2

      SO I got bored one day and started working on a full update of the Isanths. I started with the Isanth-VI because it was the oldest and the easiest to update strangely enough. Replaced some of the power reactors with capacitors and added a couple of shield recharger blocks on top and bottom...
    15. Achriel

      Suggestion Community Content - Updates

      I was updating an old ship (post resource update) and thought, are we recognizing people for keeping ship designs current? We give a badge for posting new content but when looking through all the forgotten relics in the community content I figured there is NO incentive to update older designs...
    16. optimus04

      query on next update?

      Hi I would just like to know when the next update is due to come out?, we were led to believe that there would be updates on a fortnightly cycle. this does not seem to be happening anymore and theres really been no news to suggest otherwise. Regards Opt1mus http://www.craftau.com.au/...
    17. L

      Game Update not loading.

      Hi all. I just updated to the latest version 0.19538 and it is not working. I created a new world after updating (making sure the latest version was selected) and launched it. The window frame did say it was on 0.19538 but the starting inventory had not changed to the update this is a new world...