1. Agogeps

      2019 Help Videos

      I've started working on some basic game play and help videos to hopefully increase interest in star made and help new players. As an admin and server owner I've encountered a lot of the same questions. I hope the videos help. Starmade Beginner Gameplay 2019 Starmade 2019 - Stealing a ship...
    2. klawxx

      StarMade University - Official Thread

      Greetings, fellow StarMade citizen. Welcome to the StarMade University! This is an ongoing, community driven, effort to share knowledge and help everyone master all the aspects of the game. If you have any suggestions or find any problems, please post on this thread: StarMade University - Data...
    3. klawxx

      Question about "double posting" (reply concatenation)

      DukeofRealms @moderators, Not sure if you stopped by yet, but me and some boys are trying to make a tutorial thread: StarMade University. We would like to break its lengthy topics in various postings/replies for easier access, but the SMD application keep concatenating the whole thing. Is any...
    4. klawxx

      StarMade University - Data Collection and Revision

      IMPORTANT: We will use this thread as a staging ground for content gathering and revision for the "StarMade University", which is on a new and clean thread: https://starmadedock.net/threads/starmade-university-official-thread.31238/...
    5. Tolnorus

      Advanced Build Mode tools tutorial?

      New to this game (just started with v0.200.335), find it very compelling, but having some difficulties with build mode. It is clear to me that in order to create larger and more complex structures, I need to master the advanced build mode tools, but I feel like a child grasping in the dark. I...
    6. TheDerpGamerX

      StarMade for Skrubs-A Guide by TheDerpGamer

      I've decided to use my experience in StarMade to start a sort of series teaching others what I know. I'll try to update this thread as much as possible. If you have any suggestions or want to share any of your own knowledge please let me know in the comments. StarMade For Skrubs Faction Ship...
    7. Master_chief_150

      Power Efficiency for Dummies

      This forum will help explain the basics of how the current starmade power system works out. (Please note as the power update is coming, this information may become outdated.) Firstly, lets know what each block is, and what it does. 1. The Power Reactor This block is the most basic block you...
    8. Crimson-Artist

      Starmadepedia's List of Logic Circuits help

      Hey, everyone. Crimson-Artist here. For those that don't know I do a lot of work on the official Starmade Wiki, Starmadepedia and I'd like some help. I've noticed that we really don't have a common listing of helpful logic circuits similar to other games wikis like Minecraft's. I've taken the...

      5 digit binary subtractor 1.0

      Video demo-ing construction and use of such a device: Really though it's pretty self explanatory. Please note that before the system finishes random numbers may be sent as outputs I suggest that you only read the data outputted once it finishes.
    10. Gmodism

      GI_Weapon Lab - Weapon-Combos Tester Platform 1.0

      Simple platform containing all weapon combos for research and testing purposes, all weapons possible, excluding any effects. They are connected up by default as 100% support. Asset by Gmodism Industries Weapon Laboratories Gmodism Industries - Quality and Innovation.
    11. rariisan

      Logic needed to automate a door (w/ Screenshots) 1.0

      Example of application Features - All the logic needed to give life to your automatic door. - Can be used for rail and block doors. - Should work flawlessly once activated correctly. - Display Modules should contain instructions but templates don't save them. How to use IMPORTANT IF YOU...

      Using counters 2016-06-28

    13. Master_Artificer

      Starmade Main Menu Backgrounds, How to's and not to's.

      So, you want to change Starmades Background, but don't know how? Lets Fix That First, we need to find where the starmade installation is located. If you are using steam, you know where to find it (right click, properties, show local files, basic stuff). If you are using the beta launcher, you...
    14. Oblivionburn

      Read by Council A Story-Oriented Tutorial

      After reading the following in an update: I thought it might be a good idea to suggest postponing making a new tutorial until all the factions/lore/NPCs have been implemented... that way a more story-oriented tutorial can be created that will not only introduce the player to the basic controls...
    15. Vader_is_Bored

      What is a titan?

      Yes, I know that it is a big ship, but what I would like to know, (without starting another debate on ship classifications) is what sort of stats each of you personally considers to be a titan? And not just in terms of size, but stats as well. How much power cap? e/s? Shields? Thrust? Armor...
    16. GalactusX

      Starmade MANIAC LOGIC

      ╔═════════════════════╣ POST INDEX ╠═════════════════════╗ PLAYER DATA DISPLAY DISPLAY MODULE 1.0 - 3x5 display with UP counter DISPLAY MODULE 2.0 - 3x5 display UP / DOWN counter DISPLAY MODULE 3.0 - 3x5 display alphanumeric 0-9, A - Z Letters and numbers for display modules Part. 1 Letters...
    17. Lukwan

      Basic Day-1 Tutorial Ship 2016-02-23

      Edit: This build seems to drop frame rates on my personal system and on MP-servers. I think it is due to the amount of text on the displays or the retrace-line FX...but I have no confirmation of this. Use with caution. Some information has become out-of-date. Project is on back-burner pending...
    18. Incendiario

      Tutorial Space Station

      Hi everybody. I've searched everywere in the forums but did not find what i was looking for... I was wanting to know who is/are the builder(s) of the tutorial space station (photo below). If anyone knows, i whould thank a lot the information.
    19. ToasterBorst

      TT Demo Platform - Display Demo M1

      ----- TOASTTECH NOTICE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ----- TransOrbital AeroSpace Telluric Technologies engineers are bombarded with questions about displays more than any other topic. For this reason, we decided to conduct a live research and development session and publish its results as a logic...
    20. spacie

      3D model importing guide: Faster, Better, (Stronger?)

      3D model importing has been a known and used feature of SMedit for quite a while now. In the past there were two ways of going about this: directly put an .obj file into SMedit or convert the .obj to .binvox first. This guide describes a third alternative, which is far more accurate than...