WFO Harrower Class Dreadnought

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    The White Falcon Order presents the Harrower Class Dreadnought, a vessel from the Star Wars Univerese.

    A special day deserves a special (for me) ship. The hull was completed in January 2021. After lot of reworks, configurations the ship is nearly completed. The only thing it misses is some detailing. The ship itself is carrying around 392 entities, so calculate with this numbers if you want to spawn it down. It has a working hangarbay full of starfighters. There is an inner ship remote for the hangar doors on the belly. Hit it before the launch. Before you recall them make sure to turn off the inner ship remotes called "Fighters" and "Bombers". With that blocks you can also launch them. After launch you should wait a little bit because the process is not the fastest one. This build is optimized around AI use, so there is no interior. Also this is a WIP build, so it is not completed yet.

    May the 4th be with you, always...

    Lenght: 808 m
    Width: 427 m
    Height: 156 m
    Blocks: 4,991,860 (without docked entities)
    Mass: 1,144,231 t (with docked entities)
    Reactor: 82,912,501 e/s
    Thrust/Mass Ratio: 1.0
    Top Speed: 167.3 m/s
    Shield Capacity: 188,183,256
    Shield Regeneration: 2,005,982/s

    - 32 Concussion Missile Launchers (turrets)
    - 77 Quad Laser Turrets (turrets)
    - 150,000 Damage Beam Modules with 75,000 Damage Beam Modules (in the main entity)
    - 100,000 Missile Modules with 100,000 Damage Beam Modules (in the main entity)

    - 32 Extinction Class Bombers
    - 36 Sith Imperial Assault Shuttles
    - 96 Supremacy Class Starfighters

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