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    The Dakota is not like any other ship. Mainly because ships of its class always consist of different modules locked together. Commissioned for the Trident Foundries as part of the factory build initiative, the Dakota is outfitted with several unique features.

    Its focus is on the clean-up of space debris and recycling it into useable components that can be shipped out.

    • Fully articulated robotic arm for grabbing space debris.
    • A full compliment of support craft and there docking facilities.
    • Factory and storage facilities.
    • Fully fleshed out interior to support the crew.

    As with any ship it reflects the crew that inhabits it as well. There is a ton of pop culture refences and personal stories to be found. Can you count them all?

    • For full experience turn on the ‘Animation clock’ located on the bridge.
    • This build consists of a lot of docked entities. It might be taxing for some systems to load.
    • The robotic arms can break when operated during lag spikes like server saving.
    For the completionists here is a list of the pop culture references found in the ship.

    • James Bond – Number 007 – Main blue cargo container
    • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – Number 42 – Main orange cargo container
    • Half Life – H.E.V. Suit storage – Forward EVA suit storage
    • Portal – Companion cube - Main blue cargo container
    • Star Wars – R2D2 - Main orange cargo container
    • Stray – Cat on screen – Robotics bay
    • HAL 9000 – I can’t do that Dave – Cabin 27
    • Buzz Lightyear – Infinity and beyond – Cabin 23
    • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – Towels – Cabin 10
    • Subnautica - Planet 4546B – Cabin 07
    • Half Life – Freeman – Cabin 03
    • Portal – GLADOS – Cabin 14
    • Stray – Cat – Cabin 16
    • Love, death, and robots – Symbols – Cabin 19
    • Arcane – Sisters – Cabin 15
    • Star Trek – Risa – Cabin 11
    • Subnautica – Alien language – Cabin 09
    • Space Invaders – Game machine – Game room

    There are a number of original Easter eggs as well but I'll leave that up to the explorers to find.

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