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    Unreal II Dorian Gray (WIP) 2019-05-13

    The Dorian Gray from Unreal II

    1. IcedCoffee24
      Game version:
      Hi! Currently only a shell of the Dorian Gray with some walkways that have windows, and a catwalk leading from the main hull to the engines. No systems or shields installed, but it has power and thrusters. Thrusters will be redone further down the line. It was sort of difficult to build as very few good images exist and you don't get a good look at the exterior in Unreal II. I'm hoping I'll be able to finish this within a decent time frame. Thanks! Dorian 1.jpg dorian 3.png doain 1.jpg unreal2edDG.png 20190513145335_1.jpg 20190513145402_1.jpg 20190513145313_1.jpg