NDS - Kyoto Class Guided Missile Destroyer V2G2D01 Ausf EMCON-A3

    NDS - Kyoto Class Guided Missile Destroyer V2G2D01 Ausf EMCON-A3 V2G2D01

    Game version
    QF 202.86
    --- Project 552 ---
    Neotronix Navy Third Fleet - Escort Destroyer
    Internal name: Kyoto Class Guided Missile Destroyer V2G2D01 Ausf EMCON-A3


    Main Bridge

    CIC - Combat Information Center

    Mess hall

    Decontamination chamber

    Main engineering

    Ship class: Guided Missile Destroyer
    Version: Stealth loadout
    Length: 391 meters
    Crew complement:
    • 45 enlisted
    • 20 fighter pilots
    • 8 officers
    Ship designation: DDG-552
    Ship motto: Tendit in ardua virtus
    (virtue strives for what is difficult)

    The DDG-552 destroyer is the NUNCs next-generation, guided-missile destroyer, leading the way for a new generation of advanced multi-mission combat ships. The ships will feature an extreme low radar profile, an integrated twin Boglin-Fields fusion reactor based power system and a total ship computing environment infrastructure. Armed with an array of weapons, the Kyoto-class destroyers will provide offensive, distributed and precision fires in support of forces across the verse.

    • 12 Forward launch cells Block II
    • 22 Vertical launch cells Block III
    • 2 x Quad rapid fire cannons
    • 3 x Low radar profile Light Turrets [Designation TBA]
    • 17 x CCFD - Icarus Mk 4.2 Light Scout Fighter 9 (Courtesy by CCFD) Model outdated, deprecated items will soon be replaced, temporarily disarmed
    • 6 x Bedivere Class Micro AMS V2G2D2
    • Traxis Heavy Industries [THI] Proprietary system: Volumetric fire Counter AMS - 24 tubes

    Stealth Features:
    • Low profile stealth masking [EVEN build symmetry to accomplish sharp hull seams]
    • Negative atomic drag ablative radar coating
    • Anti-refracting Cobalt-tantalum oxide window coating
    • Reinforced carbon-carbon heat absorption anechoic matting.
    • Oversized deep enginewell with zero-point absolute temperature cancelling thruster plume shielding.
    • Internally shielded thermal storage heatsinks capable of retaining 99.3% of all thermal induction produced by the ship for a maximum duration of 14 hours at ultra quiet (23 minutes at wartime emergency power)
    • Passive laser sensor network via hull integrated fiberglass detector follicles that induce reflection masking by appearing as stray photons to enemy sensors
    • Passive radar receival instruments [Aegis AN20D SPY Radar]
    • Zero-gravity compliant crewgear for operation without simulated gravity induction, thereby being invisible to gravitational spectrographic sensors

    Standout Features:
    • Internal water purification installation
    • Ejectable twin fusion-drive cores
    • Sealed VLS port covers and shielded forward RCS thruster housings
    • Elevated CIC crew positions over a ship miniature in a holographic 3d battlespace for absolute battlefield awareness
    • Internal camera system to assist in monitoring boarding action in defense of mission critical areas of the ship
    • Ship docking access via hidden mooring tube at the base of the ship
    • Visitor decontamination room
    • Visitor customs area, sidearm storage and holding area
    • Visitor conference hall
    • Conning tower mounted captains yacht and proviso escape vehicle
    • Port & starboard escape capsules
    • Main hangar bay equipped with fire suppression system
    • Secondary hangar bay for storage of additional fighters or ground attack vehicles conformal with mission requirements
    • Hardened core vault with defensible access hallway

    Off the books description:
    Setting out on an even symmetry build challenge it gave me an opportunity to create a sharp wave piercing hull design, something we brush over since the thought of an even sym is heretical. I opted to mirror the core setup where the left side core functions as the ship and the right side core acts as a on-board camera system via strategic placement of viewpoints, this further impresses the roleplaying aspect of the ship. It would serve as a vantage for security to help defend the hallway to the core room.

    As far as the design inspiration I made use of the following real life vessels.

    Sea Shadow IX-529 / Zumwalt DDG-1000
    Independence LCS-2 / Visby K32

    The idea was to build a shell with as little seams as possible, avoiding the generic pitfalls of ship design.
    The side and under slung turrets were shaped to conform with the shape of the ships outer silhouette.
    Intentionally going for a dull outer hull, A mild use of pinstripes to break the negative space of the larger forward hull. Unless they make a darker grey in between that and black I don't see myself redoing the outer color scheme, the ship looks goofy bright in standard grey, and you lose all sense of any detail when covered in black.

    So the emphasis went to a cold, militaristic, standardized interior, sparsely decorated hallways between large technical areas. A good deal of focus went into making it an homage to several icons of sci-fi. See if you can recognize them all.

    The ship has several flanking routes designed to bypass rooms and creates ways for internal security to get the drop on would be invaders.

    There are 2 entry points to get in the ship, the initial is through the hangar bay but the preferred method is via the bottom airlock. It's hidden from sight. To enter you have to toggle the button in the turret base of the dorsal turret. Looks for the 2x2 blast door. See gif ->

    -- Important note ---
    The weapons that are currently installed are ceremonial only, this ship is presented as a shell due to past scars of monthly system rebuilding. The filler material is pink basic just for the sake of easy removal if you want to put systems in. Feel free to make it your own.

    Upon spawning the ship, the logic will be in a dead state. I've placed a logic primer on the aft deck, please follow the instructions on the display to activate the clocks. Remove after initial start.

    !!! Both faction blocks in the core room are decoys, the real faction block and bobby AI are located in the room at the base of the tower in the CIC, look for the doors on either side !!!

    Expect a future update to finalize all the logic, increase interactability, airlocks, display animations.
    First release
    Last update
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    The logic and interior on the ship is impeccable and the exterior really does give off the stealth ship vibe. There are so many small details hidden inside the ship it takes about half an hour to actually find everything.