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    Cirrus Luxury Ship 2

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    0.201.378, build 20190420_091741
    Introducing the Cirrus Luxury craft!

    This space-yacht is constructed for the finest of comfort while cruising the stars! Enjoy the full entertainment system, sizable living space, and amazing view from the ship's many view ports. The ship is large enough to house a few people for a medium-length trips through space. The ship is deceptively fast for it's size, yet flies smoothly. It comes equipped with a competent engine and jump drive; and while the ship has no weapons, it does have a shield in the event of conflict. Also suitable for parties, VIP-transport, and work travel.


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    5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. Now With USD!

      I had originally wanted to add USD (Universal Standard Docking, just in case someone doesn't...
    2. File FIx

      This should fix the issue with the file download; thanks MChain for the suggestion. Enjoy!

    Latest reviews

    Gorgeous lighting from the inside out! A great Luxury ship for civilian use. I will probably use some ideas here for the Luxury Yacht I am planning on constructing, of course, in my own particular style. Great job!
    Just WOW. This ship is a little gemstone in a SMDock's crown of beautiful builds. Excellent usage of coloured lights and semi transparent blocks and an overall interesting hull shape!

    On the other hand, the interiors are somewhat spartan and uninspiring. Maybe you should add some more tiny details to liven it up? Like flowers, small chairs, carpets etc... Everything is doable, just needs some trial-and-error. And I should note that the ship will certainly benefit from a USD docking unit to let her dock to others' stations.

    BTW, to export ship as a single file, use Tools and mods in the main menu => Catalog editor => Export. The exported file will be located in Blueprints\exported folder.