1. Lord_Latterous

      BuyMetaItems 1.2

      Since NPC traders at advanced shops were somehow broken by StarLoader, and there is no other way to get meta items (e.g. torches, grapples), this (solely server-side) mod adds commands allows you to once again be able to get those special items without needing admin commands. A unique part of...
    2. J

      GeneratorPoint 0.2

      GeneratorPoint GeneratorPoint, or GenPoint for short, is a simple concept, there is 1 station at 44,44,44 that will create infinite raw ore. How it works Every X seconds (defined in config), a homebase station at sector 44,44,44 will generate Y resources (defined in config). Setting up the...
    3. J

      NoStationDecay 0.1

      You know how stuff is decayed when it spawns? Well, now it DOESNT.
    4. TheDerpGamerX

      EdenCore 1.4.14

      The core mod for Skies of Eden StarMade Server. Disclaimer: Don't use on other servers.
    5. J

      RealDebris 0.1

      Features Block Dropping Normally, breaking a block causes it to disappear into the void, but now, they are dropped into space! Pickup In Inventory Picking up a block will put it in the first named inventory of your piloted ship. Batching Blocks are batched to reduce lag, so if you break...
    6. TheDerpGamerX

      DerpsDecor 1.5.3

      A simple mod that adds a few decorative blocks.
    7. TheDerpGamerX

      BetterFleets 1.3.5

      A mod aimed at improving vanilla fleet mechanics and expanding upon their functionality. You can order fleets around through the galaxy map by left clicking on their icons (hold LSHIFT to select multiple) and then right clicking to select an order. Also adds 3 new fleet commands: Artillery...
    8. IR0NSIGHT

      NPCController 1.0

      CURRENTLY BROKEN WORKING ON FIX (15 sept 2021) This mod allows a basic control over what blueprints pirate(any faction) stations can use, and also allows to automatically replace already existing, unwanted stations (like power 1.0 vanilla stations). !!There are NO requirements to replace any...
    9. TheDerpGamerX

      StarBridge 1.4.14

      Description Provides a link between your server and discord. Players can use /link in-game to get a code for linking their discord account to their player. Setup: Once you've installed the mod and ran it for the first time, modify the fields in config.yml to your server. You will need a webhook...
    10. J

      ScalarMining 1.2

      ScalarMining Ever wanted going above 8 salvagers to mean something? Well now it can! The more salvagers you have, the bigger the radius is. This is with a single 4000 module beam: , Bugs Rarely creates ghost blocks Salvage Radius Formula The salvage radius formula is hard capped at a radius of...
    11. TheDerpGamerX

      BetterBuilding 1.3.10

      A small mod to help with building and design. Currently it supports multiple build hotbars in creative mode (using LALT + number or scroll), but I hope to add more features in future. IMPORTANT NOTICE PLEASE READ: Due to StarMade's lack of proper gui scaling, some clients may show the hotbar...
    12. J

      ExtraEffects 1.8.3

      ExtraEffects New particles: Ship explode Beam shoot/hit Missile shoot/hit/trail Cannon shoot/hit Missile hit by AMS New sounds: - Missile lockon sound - Inner-ship remote toggle How to install: Then find "ExtraEffects" In the mod browser
    13. J

      AlphaRework 1.0

      == [AlphaRework] == Replaces high damage with a shield hardener that makes you take 80% less damage when active. Replaces low damage with a weapon overdriver that massively decreases reload time.
    14. J

      SMWorldBorder 0.1

      SMWorldBorder Features: Limit players from going too far from spawn Will help that they can't load extra galaxies Configurable distance Plays a warning alarm and notifies you in chat if you've gone too far Explodes the ship and kills the player if they don't go back. How to use: First...
    15. J

      Turret Hotkey 2.0

      TurretHotKey 2.0 Use J/L to turn turrets on/off Adds a hud icon for turrets Its that simple, this is a client mod so it works on servers that dont have the mod installed
    16. Reilly Reese

      Trident Foundries Main Menu Background 1.0

      Like Trident? Show your appreciation with a custom background! Note: To achieve the shown results it's recommended to install Crusade 's Darker, warpless main menu shader modification.
    17. tn44

      NPC Faction Overhaul (Faction Submissions)

      I am digging through faction configurations and figuring out how things work. So far I am renaming and adding more flavor to the default factions, as well as changing some of their behaviors for a more dynamic universe. If you would like to submit a group of ships to be used as a faction...
    18. symbiot999

      draging ing clicking just wondering

      I was watching lets play now my game does seem to let me do this? if there a way to do this or is this a mod?
    19. Centauri

      StarMade Advanced Decoratives : Nice, Efficent, Server-Side Pack (SAD Pack)

      Greetings fellow StarMade players! Today, I bring V0.1 of the StarMade Advanced Decoratives Pack! This adds many useful blocks for creating stations, colonies, and ships! Here are the blocks currently in the pack: As of V0.1, all modded blocks are shown in the build menu as their...
    20. wizerdwolf

      Anyone familiar with the ship blueprint template files and PFP (Python File Parser)?

      (I hope I put this in the correct section! XD ) I don't want to reveal what specifically I'm working on atm, but at this stage, it's not gotten to anything that will be specific to my program. My issue arises when trying to use PFP to parse the binary files with the blueprint template files...