1. TheDerpGamerX

      CombatCam 1.0.2

      Description: Adds a tracking camera for missiles. To activate, fire a missile, then hold Right Control on your keyboard and the camera will follow the missile until it hits it's target. In the case of multiple missiles being fired, you can press Right Alt to switch between them while holding...
    2. TheDerpGamerX

      CombatTweaks 1.1.4 - Tactical

      The major feature of this mod is that it adds Armor HP back in. Todo: more words
    3. TheDerpGamerX

      BetterFactions 0.1.0a - Dev

    4. TheDerpGamerX

      LuaMade 1.0.12 - Logical

      Adds Lua scriptable computers to StarMade. A full description can be accessed by using the !glossar command in-game. Please go to Issues · garretreichenbach/Logiscript ( to report issues. API and Documentation Wiki See the main wiki page if you want to help contribute to the mod...
    5. TheDerpGamerX

      LorefulLoot 1.1.3 - Kessler

      Description: This mod adds highly customizable randomly spawning shipwrecks into the world, each with loot and lore. The shipwrecks are generated dynamically, meaning the ship is spawned and then a bunch of explosions are created on it randomly in order to simulate damage. Usage: The mod will...
    6. TheDerpGamerX

      BetterChambers 1.6.12 - Citadel

      Description: Reworks some existing chambers and adds new ones with expanded functionality. Offense Chambers: AI Enhancement chambers for boosting ship AI range and accuracy. Weapon Range Chamber Tree: A small base range increase and then upgrades that specialize in specific weapon types...
    7. TheDerpGamerX

      StarTunes 1.0.4

      Description: Adds an in-game music player that can be accessed in the top bar menu under PLAYER. The mod is client side only, so you can use it on both modded and vanilla servers. Adding Music: Currently, the mod does not include music by itself (due to SMD's file upload size limits), however...
    8. IR0NSIGHT

      Station defense and it's implications

      Hello fellow nerds, for the past couple years, i have been thinking about the problem of weak stations in starmade. I would like players to spawn a ton of stations, expand to multiple starsystems and generally build lots of infrastructure and an empire. There are two issues that prevent that: -...
    9. IR0NSIGHT

      Stronghold 2.3.1

      This is an mod in developement and may be subject to heavy changes over updates. Introduction The 'Stronghold' mod adds a capture-and-hold-bases system, which allows to make all stations inside a starsystem invulnerable to attacks. Strongholds A stronghold is a stellar, arbitrarily large zone...
    10. Lord_Latterous

      BuyMetaItems 1.5

      Since NPC traders at advanced shops were somehow broken by StarLoader, and there is no other way to get meta items (e.g. torches, grapples), this (solely server-side) mod adds commands allows you to once again be able to get those special items without needing admin commands. A unique part of...
    11. J

      GeneratorPoint 0.4

      GeneratorPoint GeneratorPoint, or GenPoint for short, is a simple concept, there is 1 station at 44,44,44 that will create infinite raw ore. How it works Every X seconds (defined in config), a homebase station at sector 44,44,44 will generate Y resources (defined in config). Setting up the...
    12. J

      NoStationDecay 0.1

      You know how stuff is decayed when it spawns? Well, now it DOESNT.
    13. TheDerpGamerX

      EdenCore 1.10.2

      The core mod for Skies of Eden StarMade Server. Disclaimer: Don't use on other servers.
    14. J

      RealDebris 0.1

      Features Block Dropping Normally, breaking a block causes it to disappear into the void, but now, they are dropped into space! Pickup In Inventory Picking up a block will put it in the first named inventory of your piloted ship. Batching Blocks are batched to reduce lag, so if you break...
    15. TheDerpGamerX

      DerpsDecor 1.8.13 - Eye Candy

      A simple mod that adds a few decorative blocks.
    16. TheDerpGamerX

      BetterFleets 1.3.8

      A mod aimed at improving vanilla fleet mechanics and expanding upon their functionality. You can order fleets around through the galaxy map by left clicking on their icons (hold LSHIFT to select multiple) and then right clicking to select an order. Also adds 3 new fleet commands: Artillery...
    17. IR0NSIGHT

      NPCController 1.0

      DISCONTINUED INDEFINETLY CURRENTLY BROKEN WORKING ON FIX (15 sept 2021) This mod allows a basic control over what blueprints pirate(any faction) stations can use, and also allows to automatically replace already existing, unwanted stations (like power 1.0 vanilla stations). !!There are NO...
    18. TheDerpGamerX

      StarBridge 1.6.7b

      Description Provides a link between your server and discord. Players can use /link in-game to get a code for linking their discord account to their player. Setup: Once you've installed the mod and ran it for the first time, modify the fields in config.yml to your server. You will need a webhook...
    19. J

      ScalarMining 1.2

      ScalarMining Ever wanted going above 8 salvagers to mean something? Well now it can! The more salvagers you have, the bigger the radius is. This is with a single 4000 module beam: , Bugs Rarely creates ghost blocks Salvage Radius Formula The salvage radius formula is hard capped at a radius of...
    20. TheDerpGamerX

      BetterBuilding 1.3.12

      A small mod to help with building and design. Currently it supports multiple build hotbars in creative mode (using LALT + number or scroll), but I hope to add more features in future. IMPORTANT NOTICE PLEASE READ: Due to StarMade's lack of proper gui scaling, some clients may show the hotbar...