GeneratorPoint 0.4

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    GeneratorPoint, or GenPoint for short, is a simple concept, there is 1 station at 44,44,44 that will create infinite raw ore.

    How it works
    Every X seconds (defined in config), a homebase station at sector 44,44,44 will generate Y resources (defined in config).

    Setting up the station
    For this mod to work, you must create a Homebase station at 44,44,44. Next, you need atleast 1 inventory on the station.

    You can design the station however you want. For instance, you could:
    - Have a Astronaut PvP arena for players to fight over a chest in.
    - A single inventory in space that you have to dock to to pull the resources
    - A bunch of inventories that players in PVP ships fight over.

    ResourcesReSourced Support
    If RRS is installed, the regular ores are replaced with RRS ores.
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    1. 0.4

      Inventories now stop producing if they are full naming your inventory "mainstor" will make items...

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    Thanks to JakeV for adding my suggested updates and a small bug fix recently. Have been trying this out on both single and multiplayer servers and can see endless possibilities for some fun gameplay ideas.