Contracts 2

    Contracts 2 2.0.5

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    Adds contracts for improved player and NPC interaction. Contracts can be taken and added from the new contracts tab in the shop menu. Once a player claims a contract, they can access it from their contracts menu that can be access by opening the top right dropdown button on the top bar. They have a set amount of time (configurable) to complete the contract, and if they complete it in time they shall receive rewards. Future plans include cargo escort and defense contracts, as well as a faction reputation/opinion system that encourages players to complete contracts for special rewards and services with NPC factions.
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    Latest updates

    1. Version 2.0.5 Release

      Bug Fixes: Fixed accidental overwrite caused by merge conflict.
    2. Version 2.0.4 Release

      Bug Fixes: Fixed contracts not being removed from client after being completed.
    3. Version 2.0.3 Release

      Changelog: Added Pirate bounty contracts. Ships marked as enemy usable will be used to spawn...