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    The 'Stronghold' mod adds a capture-and-hold-bases system, which allows to make all stations inside a starsystem invulnerable to attacks.

    The voidshield is a passive, starsystem wide defense mechanism. Any stations, that belong to the faction that owns the starsystem, will have unbreakable shields, as long as the voidshield is active. This makes all shielded stations invulnerable to any attacks. Stations in a strongpoint sector are not affected by the voidshield and can still be damaged.
    The voidshield is active, as long as the starsystems shieldpoints are above 0. The shieldpoints can not go below -500 and not above 1000. Capturing and holding strongpoints directly influences the amount of shieldpoints in a starsystem.

    Every starsystem has 3 to 7 strongpoints, randomly distributed around the system center, at least 2 sectors away from the border. To capture a strongpoint, place a station of your faction in the strongpoint sector. The station can not be a homebase. If you own more strongpoints than all other factions combined in the system (neutral points are not counted), the shieldpoints increase. if you own less strongpoints than all other factions combined in the system, the shieldpoints decrease. Shieldpoints increase/decrease faster if you own/do not own more strongpoints. If all strongpoints are neutral, the shieldpoints slowly decrease.

    Current state of mod:
    This is a first release and a prototype mod. It was built and tested for dedicated servers, and lightly tested in singleplayer. All systems worked as expected, however bugs are always possible. If you encounter one, please contact me with details (and ideally a logfile found in installfolder>>logs>>starmade.log.0), otherwise i am not able to fix the bug.

    - Take control of the system
    - Run your scanner, it shows you where the strongpoint sectors are
    - place a station in every of these sectors
    - shieldpoints increase, voidshield get activated
    - all your station in the system are now protected against attacks

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