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    MechaplatformMKI MKI

    A compact walking platform with a pilot module on top.

    1. Trekkerjoe
      I am quite proud of this guy. He can move in four directions using absolute controls. However, his head can translate relative controls to absolute controls, allowing the driver to steer him simply by turning his head. His head includes a mechanism to find the direction he's facing, so he will never desync with the rest of his body.

      He has a dock in the main body for alignment to the surface, and can be controlled from the head. To get to the head from inside the body you just press up until you see a docking module and wires, then just press left or right to get into the camera.

      The controls are located in hotbar 10 and ordered from left to right as follows:
      TurnLeft, TurnRight, Forward, Backward, StrafeLeft, and StrafeRight.

      While the controls for the body are absolute, the controls in the head are relative. I accomplished this by giving the head a truth table for every combination of heading and direction. Quite satisfied with the result.

      Of course, it is made so you can replace the head with whatever you like, for example, a Redeemer torso. A quick tip to save time: Wireless blocks forget the last thing they were connected to when you connect it to a different wireless block.

      Overall, this has to be the most fun build I've had in a long time, and man do I have some machinations involving him. I hope you enjoy.

      Here is an example of him changing direction:

      NOTES: Feedback is appreciated.

      EDIT: Fixed spelling error.
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    1. Arcaner
      Version: MKI
      P.S- It took me two years to get over the shock :P
    2. Pinky_Pie
      Version: MKI
      Thats quite amazing, works well and the stomps path are funny, we will never lose his tracks !

      Only anoying fact : That was already causing lags due to planet collisions, but not your fault :D