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    Witch Spear Light Carrier 1.0

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    Engineered to be a 'plug & play', variable-role, sub-capship skirmish vessel capable of deploying it's own suite of attack craft, the Witch Spear Light Carrier can be modified and used for a plethora of fleet and single pilot combat activities!

    The carrier chassis itself is unarmed for this release so that you can copy the blueprint, then provide yourself with different weapon and ship loadout versions. It's available power allows for the installation of fairly sizeable weapons.

    Still, she is hardly defenseless. The Witch Spear carries two Viperwasp Patrol Ships at the bow and stern docking collars. These are equipped with an underslung sniper cannon, an overhead pulse beam and dual lock on missiles. Docked at the port and starboard collars are two Poison Frog Assault Shuttles that fulfill the roles of Light Fighter, Troop Transport, light cargo runner and Bomber. Their dual heavy bombs can put a hole in the hull of a large ship or station for invasion operations, or just to lay the smack down on it.

    However, this ship loadout can easily be altered to suit your needs. For heavier combat capabilities, you may replace the Viperwasps with two Guard Dog Pocket Corvettes, for instance and mount the Viperwasps on the side ports. The heavy ship loadout with two Guard Dogs and two Viperwasps soaks up a lot more power and slows you down a bit, but is perfectly manageable. That setup lets you hot-drop 4 combat ships on a target sector which together can easily pose a credible threat to a capship or station, while flying by safely at over 700 m/s. Don't forget to wave as you streak past...


    The interior spaces of the primary chassis are similarly very functional but bare-bones and ready for you to decorate how you like.

    In keeping with the need for general-purpose capabilities, the Witch Spear has been chambered for Recon, FTL, Defense and Mobility.

    It has a conventional sub-light thrust speed of 239.8 m/s, but with a Black Hole Slingshot, it's pan-galactic cruising speeds frequently reach the high 700's for rapid, long-distance deployment as seen here:

    All four docking collars have simple toggling launch/ recieve functions and are linked to their corresponding ships via wireless remote. Enjoy!
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