Viperwasp Patrol Ship v2.0

    Viperwasp Patrol Ship v2.0 2020-03-03

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    The Neo Echota Drive Yards' Viperwasp Patrol Ship is coated with a laminated mix of basic, standard and forward advanced armors, has solid shielding, expandable cargo behind glass and small dining table below the command deck, with a windowed loft cabin that has beds for a 3-person crew, plus one extra for pilot pickups.

    The Viperwasp is chambered for Recon, FTL, Defense and Power with undifferentiated thrust that allows a full range of customization options for your performance needs.

    It has weaponry that will help you at all scales of combat, from single-pilot, secure exploration ops, to fleet battles as part of a deploy-able drone defense or attack fleet. Though as yet untested in this capacity, it is also theoretically powerful enough for anti-fighter interception and warp interdiction duties.
    The large under-slung 'Stinger' sniper cannon with 22 block penetration can aid considerably in long-range bombardment activities against larger ships and stations, or just put a hole through smaller vessels.

    Though less powerful, the overhead pulse-laser is similarly suited to the ship's range of possible tasks.

    The dual lock-on missiles are each only slightly less powerful than the beam and excellent against fighter craft or turrets.

    A sketch of a 3-player crew RP interior has been provided for long patrols and exploration tours, but the interior space is rather large for a ship this size and can be divided up however you'd like. The weapons systems are confined to the command platform, in a line going aft from the core. Everything else can be hollowed out of the shell forward of the entrance hallway without harming any systems.

    A small formal dining area with a view of the stars lies below the command platform for passengers and crew to enjoy the use of.

    The crew cabin has it's own small dining area and the forward end of the loft is plate glass, to increase the feel of openness in the living spaces.


    It has an aft standard docking collar, which allows for it to be mounted on many larger ships for deployment in numbers, as can be seen mounted on the fore and aft of the Witch Spear Light Carrier:

    Meant to be part of a layered force of combat vessels capable of countering or attacking a variety of targets both large and small, the Viperwasp is the more powerful backstop to the Bowtie fighter and Poison Frog Assault Shuttles, but smaller and less powerful than the Guard Dog Pocket Corvette. All of those ships are then meant to be subservient to carrier platforms such as the Witch Spear or Turtle Island, so they can be loaded with subsidiary ships that allow for a variety of tactical, strategic and industrial options for deployment anywhere in a hurry.
    I hope you enjoy using your new Viperwasp!
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