Big Shaman Deep Space Rescue And Repair Vehicle

    Big Shaman Deep Space Rescue And Repair Vehicle 4.0

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    Neo Echota Drive Yards presents to you our Big Shaman Rescue And Repair Vehicle, for when you need a truly practical mid-to-large-scale RP logistical ship that is chambered for power, defense, FTL and stealth!


    Though not chambered for full cloaking, it is set to jamming and can be set to 'anti-lock-on' if you prefer.
    The Big Shaman comes equipped with a paintbrush array of repair and salvage beams linked to a 21k capacity cargo, with it's expanders behind the glass wall in the rear of the cabin, along with an 8-bed triage area for recovery of injured pilots.

    On either side of the paintbrush array, are two powerful mandibular tractor beams, for moving wreckage or positioning ships. It's center of mass is purposefully kept in the aft section of the ship to aid in the necessary sweeping motions one must use for operating the salvage and repair arrays on a large surface area.

    It has a relatively compact, easy-to-dock or store shape, meant for the bays in the mining outpost I'm building. I wanted it to be as little trouble as possible to keep around somewhere until you need it and easy to use when you do. Just hop in and go.
    Not only do the emergency flashers work, there is an option on the 2nd page of the hotbar to turn on beacon lights to assist in pilot or ship rescue, in the event you are difficult to locate visually from a distance and must maintain jamming, as seen above.

    As you can see, the interior is rather spacious, with a dome-bubble cockpit of crystal armor that offers an excellent view, aside from the forward camera already available. Outside of the aft triage area and pilot seat, the interior has been left for you to customize to your particular needs or tastes.
    The port and starboard standard docking collars also have cameras for your convenience.
    It's shielded, has laminated basic and standard armor to keep it relatively light, some room in it's power grid for a weapon or two of your choosing and can get anywhere in the galaxy or beyond very quickly, particularly with a Black Hole Slingshot maneuver.
    It's a solid platform to use for realistic RP fun. Enjoy!
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