WarpSpace 0.18.0

    added lots of config values for more control of warp:
    # serverside settings:
    - how much percent of the reactor the warpbeacon takes up
    - warp flightspeed chambers for level 0 - 3
    - droppoint random offset range
    - seconds until slow ship drops from warp

    #clientside settings:
    - use warpshader
    - how many droppoints to draw on map

    Improved voice sounds
    Sound effects on entry and drop
    configs for volume control
    Fixed beacons.
    Beacon addon is now a toggle, and not a flipswitch.
    voice announcer announces correct state.
    voice announcer is heard in all sectors that share the same warppos.
    beacon state carried across restarts.
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    droppoints are randomly shifted in a 2 sector radius.
    Visual warp effect by Ithirahad
    re-enabled voice announcer
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    previously typing anything that contains "ping" in chat, would cause all sounds to be played to everyone on the server.
    removed now.