WarpSpace 0.7.1

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    This is warpspace.
    This mod explores the idea to have a space in which you travel to get from point a to point b, but faster than normal flight. The mod creates a warpspace, similar to the minecraft nether in concept. Every meter travelled in the warp translates into 10 meters travelled in realspace. So instead of teleporting from a to b (vanilla FTL), you change into the warp, fly the distance which is 10 times shorter, and drop back out of warp

    Checkout the Github for more in-depth information: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
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    Latest updates

    1. HOTFIX 0.7.1 compiler fix

      Fixed wrong compile version Removed starapi dependency fixed miner bug with navigation marker...
    2. 0.7 - Improved HUD

      Added a simple HUD. Indicator will tell if you are in warp (WARP) or realspace (RSP), jumping or...
    3. Hotfix 0.6.1 - station drop and navigation tools

      stations now drop to a random sector (as intendet) navigation point auto updates to/from warp...