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    This is warpspace.
    This mod explores the idea to have a space in which you travel to get from point a to point b, but faster than normal flight.

    Quickstart guide:
    The mod creates a warpspace: a parallel dimension where distances are shorter. Every meter travelled in the warp translates into 10 meters travelled in realspace. Set your waypoint to where you want to go, activate the jumpdrive to change into the warp, fly the distance which is 10 times shorter, and drop back out of warp by jumping again or slowing down.

    You will not drop out precisely at your destination, but at the nearest droppoint (blue spiral on map). Each droppoint is one warpsector, and everyone who leaves the warp will end up at the corresponding droppoints. This makes droppoints prime locations to add public infrastructure like gates and shops or place defenses in.

    All infos are available in-game too, just type "!glossar" in chat.

    Checkout the Github for more in-depth information:
    Showcase of warp VFX (by Ithirahad)

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    Latest updates

    1. 0.18.0 enhanced config

      added lots of config values for more control of warp: # serverside settings: - how much percent...
    2. 0.17.4 code-cleanup

    3. 0.17.3 Removed debug logging


    Latest reviews

    A great mod for immersion, Warpspace opens up immense amounts of storytelling and RP options. My 1 critique is that the warp animation is very performance-intensive and causes a bit of eye strain; I recommend adding some way to configure this feature. Don't get me wrong, it's a very cool animation and adds to the immersion and wondrous nature of the mod, but some players with low-end PCs or vision trouble might not want to deal with it all the time.
    Frankly this should become the new standard for FTL in StarMade, once the kinks (e.g. problems with other galaxies) are worked out. It feels more immersive, doesn't completely invalidate slower-than-light travel, and integrates smoothly and minimalistically with SM's vanilla systems.
    Very cool and immersive mod.
    It's impressive how a change in the FTL mechanics can change your whole gameplay. A must have if you like space travel and it's hasards.