VUS FI-- ¨Tiger¨-class -- Fighter Interceptor

    VUS FI-- ¨Tiger¨-class -- Fighter Interceptor GEN 1.2

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    * Power and Weapons 2.0, revision passed. Prrr*

    Before you start to claim/ speculate, Yes, the Tiger is Based uppon the Triikor from Homeworld, and I'm Also a HUGE fan of Homeworld
    Also, thanks to josemik for his taiidan fighter replicas, that inspired me to start all this stuff —> link:

    Named after the Legendary Tiger felinid. It was believed to be one of the strongest in the feline family, being fast, agile and deadly.
    The Tiger is the natural evolution of the scout. But where the leopard sacrifices armor and firepower for speed, the tiger is almost as fast, thanks to the heavy caliber, dual mass drivers. That are able to go toe with toe against any other fighter in the market

    The Tiger is known by it‘s firepower, provided by two vacuum cooled medium railguns that fire tungsten slugs at 1% the speed of light, and a side mounted missile launcher, able to fire guided fusion light missiles. The tiger also comes with two modules, the Icarus and the Falcon, both have hard points in the side and rear of the ship respectively, they give the Tiger with boosts in speed, reactor power and range, even alone, the craft has a TWR of 2.4.

    Even so, the tiger has it’s flaws: it depends on other craft for precise sensor data over long distances, it also depends on supply and repair stations because of the intricate systems that the armor protects, and to replenish missiles and modules

    (look in the “updates” window for more information on the modules and it’s use)

    Service History:
    When Captain Markus first stepped on the ancient videogame ¨Homeworld¨ and the concept arts that came along, it was captivated by the Taiidan Designs, specially the Triikor, that's when alongside the Tiger, the Varis Federation was Born. Markus spent weeks designing a fighter inspired by those old designs, and months building the prototype.

    When he finished his design, he took it with him on a risky mining mission deep into the boarders of Allied space, the craft survived pirate attacks, meteorite rains and fast moving asteroid belts that would destroy a bigger craft with ease, not only it survived, but it also contributed to the survival of his mission mates, keeping the pirates at bay when they opened a hull breach in their ship, and acting as a deflector shield against the meteorites, it dough, suffered severe damage and had to be kept under repairs for a week.

    If the craft survived wasn’t only because of the pilot, It was also by it's asymmetrical design, making the fighter tricky to fly, but deadly at the hands of an expert pilot, the uncensored mass center made the Tiger the most maneuverable fighter of it's time. Even today, 5 years after it's conception, it has inspired hundreds of young engineers and pilots.

    <widith: 14 m
    <Height: 15 m
    <Length: 24m

    Power: 2,420 e/sec (Stabilitzation: 72.6%)
    -Top Speed 3
    -Reactor Base Enhancement --> Reactor Booster 1
    -Base Armor Enhancement
    Shields: 4,500 cappacity (325.0 rech/sec. 90.0 unkeep)
    TWR: 2.4 (Top speed: 348.7)

    >2x vaccum coolded heavy railguns
    (DPS: 680.0. Fire rate: 2x2 slugs/sec )
    >1x Reaper-class LockOn missile launchers
    (8485.7 dmadge/ missile, reload speed: 15s)

    -Pressurized cockpit
    -Maintenance access (below)
    -Engine cooler fins
    -Deuterium/tritium fusion reactor
    -Magneto/Mechanic docker (below also)
    -Module docking pod
    -RCS ports

    A squadron of tigers


    side of the ship


    the other side with a new missile luncher

    the ammo pod

    the whole gun

    the engine of the Icarus

    the engine

    the NEW HUD! (only in the gun camera)

    Client: Please Inform us if you have suggestions or/and you found something that's fucked up, for example, combat effectiveness, thanks
    Reurn to the catalog: the varis united shipyards
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