1. B

      Stoat Class fighter v0.203.105

      Name: Stoat Role: Light Attack, Anti Drone Class: Fighter Description: The Stoat LAC-v3.1, or more commonly known as the Stoat Class Fighter, is the fifth entry into the Animal series, and is by far the smallest of the ships. while it lacks the in-depth shields or high-power engines of its...
    2. Celotown777

      VUS FI-- ¨Tiger¨-class -- Fighter Interceptor GEN 1.2

      * Power and Weapons 2.0, revision passed. Prrr* Description: Named after the Legendary Tiger felinid. It was believed to be one of the strongest in the feline family, being fast, agile and deadly. The Tiger is the natural evolution of the scout. But where the leopard sacrifices armor and...
    3. Logic_inc

      FED Small Fighter 1.0

    4. colonel lacu

      JRS-anger 1.0

    5. colonel lacu

      JRS-Atom 1.0

    6. colonel lacu

      JRS-Agony 1.0

    7. spikeowen14

      Gheppio Light Fighter - Infinito-Autostrade Shipyards 1.0

      Model: Gheppio Light Fighter (Sketchfab) by TheOTrain - 3D model Front:"" Top:"" Back:"" Diagonal:"" Mass:98.6 Blocks:748 Thrust:156 Power:50,000 Power Regen: 7,164.6/sec...
    8. WalkerGain

      Terrahawk-Elite MkI

      "Shortly after the success of the Terrahawk-Defender and the Patroller, the Wanderers' Guild ordered a fighter that would expand on the Terrahawk's capabilities. The wanted a heavily armed fighter that could take the battle to the pirates plaguing the Guild's territory. To this end, the...