The Varis United Shipyards

    Mar 30, 2018
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    ‘’welcome user to the Varis Federation's Military branch, the Varis United Sectors (VUS) and it's public catalog’’

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    -Fighters 15-35m: Small, nimble little ships that find their strength in the numbers, as they are really small and only light weapons can hit them.
    Interceptors: fighters meant to fight other fighters, they have mid-range dumb missiles that are able to hit their target within 2 sectors from lunch site, they also have a fast-shooting railgun for short range fighting. Standard size: 20-30m
    Scouts: small fighters that can fight other fighters, but are specialized in scouting an area for enemies, resources, etc. and as such, they have light armor and only a small minigun, but they are the fastest fighter class. Standard size: 15-20m
    Bombers: fighters designed with the purpose of inflicting damage to capital ships from a fighter platform, they are equipped with heavy plasma bomb technology, making them a serious threat to undefended frigates and carriers, but vulnerable to anti-fighter ships an weaponry.
    Standard size: 20-35m
    : fighters that fight only corvettes, as their plasma lance is not very precise, just enough for their task, eliminate corvettes, they are still quite fast and powerful though, but ineffective against anything else than corvettes. it has a variant, often called "sniper" which instead of a plasma lance, has a long-range railgun.
    Standard size: 20-30m

    -Corvettes 35-60m: Still small, but heavier and more armored than fighters, easier to hit though. They still really on numbers.
    Light Corvettes: they are small, light, and cheap, though they are less everything than other corvettes, except speed and maneuverability, on which are the best on the corvette class, they are mainly used to hunt down fighters and patrol territory. Standard size: 35-45m
    Repair Corvettes: they are corvettes that have a special ability, to repair ships, for this task they carry a modified PDA and light turret to defend itself, they have a docking port for fighters to resupply in the bottom, it also carries extra armor to protect itself and the fighter that carries.
    Standard size: 40-55m
    Heavy Corvettes: these are the true badass of the Corvette-class, they carry heavy armor, anti-fighter/corvette weaponry and a missile pod for caps, they are not as fast as other corvettes though.
    Standard size: 40-60m
    Multi-gun Corvettes: those pesky fighters overwhelm your corvettes? Though less armored then heavy corvettes, multi-gun corvettes are the solution, with their 6 turrets, they can vaporize an entire squadron in a matter of seconds. Standard size: 40-50m
    Gauss/Pulsar Corvettes: these corvettes are optimized for capital ship combat, the Gauss corvette fires a heavy slug at 3% the speed of light (just heavy railguns), making them lethal for even the strongest capital ships, and pulsar corvettes fire a stream of ions at the same speed, though less powerful than the Gauss cannon, the pulsar cannon is more precise and can hit corvettes, making pulsar corvettes very effective at escort duties. Standard size: 35-50m

    -Frigates 90-130m: the most modular and versatile ships in the fleet, they all carry heavy armor, making them hard to penetrate or destroy.
    Assault Frigates: A very versatile ship, thus being the workhorse of the fleet, mainly due to its modularity, it can be equipped with long range torpedoes, an escort flotilla of fighters, a variety of missiles, more cargo space,... The chassis comes with a massive MAC gun (the big, BIG brother of the railgun), 4 medium turrets, a small hangar, 2 plasma bomb launchers and an array of AMS and anti-fighter turrets.
    Standard size: 90-110m
    Support Frigate: A frigate designed to give a resupply point for fighter and corvettes near the battle, just like the repair corvette, comes with heavy armor and some defenses, including a MAC, it too carries a modified PDA to repair other ships, for this purpose it has an expanded hangar bay, a medical room and extra quarters.
    Standard size: 90-120m
    Ion Frigate: just as the name implies, it’s a frigate fitted with a single, spinal mounted, massive ion cannon and little else, this is because of the massive size of the ion cannon, which the frigate hull barely supports, it carries an array of point-defense turrets, missile pods and some extra armor.
    Standard size: 130m
    Command Frigate: a very special ship, it covers lots of roles, including attack coordination, ship capture/boarding and long-range torpedo assault, this ship is best suited for fleet support, though it can serve as a personnel carrier or as a freighter, due to it’s dependence on other ships, this ship should always carry an escort. Standard size: 90-120m

    -Super Capital ships 250-500m:we enter in the realm of big, BIG ships, these giants carry super heavy armor, and very powerful weaponry.
    Destroyers: With twice the length of a frigate, this Capital Ship is one of the biggest threats to any frigate or miner, these ships carry for themselves 2 ion cannons, an hangar, multiple light to medium point-defense turrets, multiple heavy missile pods, 1 super MAC and 2 heavy turrets make this class one of the most powerful ships ever built for the fleet, just behind the cruisers in terms of armor and weaponry, their hangar give them some space to save his escort. Standard size: 250-260m
    Carrier: these massive starships have a construction PDA that enables them to repair any kind of ship up to frigates, making them the main objective of enemy ships due to it’d purpose, still, it’s well armored and defended by a full array of turrets and missile pods, that enable the carrier to hold on it’s own with entire waves of fighters and corvettes, it also has a resource drop-off point, 5 upgrade slots, 1 sensor slot and cargo space, including 2 emergency resource collectors. Standard size: 300-400m
    Heavy cruiser: the second most powerful ship in the entire fleet it’s so massive that can carry ion canons on turret mounts, in conjunction with a small hangar with i’s fighters, 6 heavy MAC turrets, hundreds of missiles and 2 super MACs, it also carries 2 module slots for upgrades and one sensor slot.
    Standard size: 400-450m
    Battlecruiser: the most powerful warship ever built by the Varis Federation, comes with even more weapons and armor than the heavy cruiser, it’s so massive that we had to design an specific shipyard to build it, and it’s so expansive that only a handful o fleets have one. It comes with more powerful ion canon turrets, larger railgun turrets and 3 super MAC guns, an array of pulsar turrets and point-defense turrets, an hangar, lots of heavy missile pods and 2 upgrade slots and 1 sensor slot. Standard size: 500m

    Non-combat class 10-250m: these ships serve logistical support for the fleet, they are NOT meant for combat.
    Resource Collectors: this ship is designed to harvest resources with it’s modified PDA from asteroids and debris, thy don’t have any weapons, they also have a repair PDA. Standard size: 80m
    Resource Frigate: similar in size to frigates, this ship is designed to provide the resource collectors with a mobile drop-off point, it can also serve as a small freighter. Standard size: 120m
    Freighter: sips meant to freight cargo across great distances, carries a bigger than usual cargo hold and carries the heaviest armor in the non-combat class, it also has some defensive turrets.
    Standard size: 220-250m

    note: in hull tagging, i put the classification first and the class after. (except in fighters, where we don't need a classificator)
    >FI= Fighter Interceptor
    >FS= Fighter Scout
    >FB= Fighter Bomber
    >FL= Fighter Lancer
    >CL= Light Corvette
    >CR= Repair Corvette
    >CH= Heavy Corvette
    >CMG= Multi-Gun Corvette
    >CP= Pulsar Corvette
    >CG= Gauss Corvette
    >FRA= Assault Frigate
    >FRS= Support Frigate
    >FRI= Ion cannon Frigate
    >FRC= Command Frigate
    DE= DEstroyer
    CA= CArrier
    C= Cruiser:

    >CH=Heavy Cruiser
    >CB= BattleCruiser

    -¨tiger¨-class fighter interceptor

    Work in progress:
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    Mar 30, 2018
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    Build Diary: entry 0001. Progress on the "Panther" scout

    Well, 2 days ago I started the "Panther", a small scout Fighter heavily inspired by Fiirkan ( a Homeworld ship, also Taiidan).
    it's going quite well and I expect to post it in one or two weeks.
    here are some pics:
    ( I found a way to take out the HUD (for those who don't know it, F1+g)
    I decided to standardize engines, this is a compact, less powerful version of the one in the tiger (thanks to josemik for the model)
    oh, I did a smaller cockpit, and I put a better positioned light, as it is a scout ( on the Tiger, i put it in a less luminous position so that is more difficult to aim to the core

    If you expected a more complete craft, I'm sorry, but I spent the rest of the time doing some testing and playing with my crafts

    Well, I'll let you decide, should I do this diary so you can see the progress on the ships? or I should stop it?