INSE -- Commonwealth -- interstellar Colony Ship

    INSE -- Commonwealth -- interstellar Colony Ship GEN 0

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    Heavily inspired by the Arcane class exploration cruiser by Lord Daro, check it out!

    this ship Is meant to be used with the "Pioneers" Colony Pack
    - not made yet srry.


    A retrofitted heavy freighter, modified to carry and assemble a jump gate and an outpost in another star system, through which a future colony could be built.

    To this end, the Commonwealth was given the most advanced technologies of the time to ensure it survived the arduous 16-year journey to the Centauri system:
    - a purpose-built Fusion engine, the most powerful and efficient mankind has ever made to date, powered by a 20 GW fusion reactor and supplemented by a pair of plasma batteries for sustained burns.
    - an array of 12 massive Amorphous Carbon radiators to manage the enormous temperature loads from the reactor.
    - a 1-meter thick skin of Whipple shields and redundant breach sealing devices, to protect the invaluable cargo and crew.
    - a duo of state-of-the art industrial fabricators capable of producing a wide variety of components and electronics.
    - 12 cryosleep pods, to maintain the crew over the long voyage.
    - a full array of hydroponic beds, capable of supporting the crew for the duration of the mission.
    - An advanced onboard AI that would navigate the ship through the intergalactic void
    - 2 brand new Mirata-class shuttles to ferry cargo and personnel to and from a planet or orbital facility.
    - attached to it's center of mass, the sister frame of the (at the time under construction) Apollo jump gate, the Artemis, to be assembled at it's destination.

    Once the refit was completed in the eve of 2066, the ship and it's crew were sent off to the great unknown, to become the first humans (and machines) to reach another solar system.

    Deck Plan:
    (from bottom to top)
    Deck E: Engineering deck, houses the ship computer core, the AI core, the Life support systems and the main transformers.
    Deck 1: Workshop, contains a component assembler and an electronics printer, workbenches, and a cargo chute connected to the cargo bay.
    Deck 2: Medical Bay, with al the amenities of an extremely small hospital, including an operating theatre and ample bedding. Doubles as emergency crew quarters.
    Deck 3: Cryoroom, harbours all 12 cryopods in a circular pattern, connected to deck 2 for medical emergencies.
    Deck 4: Crew Quarters, including a kitchen, a seating area and ample bedding.
    Deck 5: Contains the docking ring, the hydroponics bay, and the bridge.
    Deck 6: Cargo Bay, storing all the necessary materials for extrasolar colonisation and survival.

    PROJECT ARROWHEAD:___________________________________________________

    Originally established in 2051 by the United Nations Space Agency(UNSA), it’s main objective was that of taking a human, safe and well, to the nearby star system of Proxima Centauri. This plan was carried out in several phases:​
    • Phase 1:Sending a scientific probe to Proxima, this was accomplished by the starprobe Icarus 2, using next-generation MPD(MagnetoPlasmaDynamic) thrusters, and a beamed power network, to accelerate it to a significant portion of the speed of light, and arrived in-system in 2069, 18 years after it’s launch at Cape Canaveral.
      • The Icarus 1 was a probe launched in 2049 which tested the propulsion system in a 2 year round trip around the Kuiper Belt punching asteroids with nukes to see what would happen.
    • Phase 2: establishing a foothold in the system, using a highly efficient beamed power fusion engine to accelerate a 60 ton Construction drone to a relatively high orbit around Proxima’s asteroid belt, then it would begin constructing a research station with the materials available, estimated to be compleated in 2 years. Never compleated, it would have launched in late 2054 and was expected to arrive in 2070.
    • Phase 3:Sending a crewed spacecraft to Proxima Centauri, Becasue of the extreme travel times involved (upwards of 16 years, even with more powerful and efficient engines), either a gargantuan spacecraft with a comparatively small crew or some sort of suspended animation chamber would be required, as well as a highly capable AI to manage the entire thing and ensure the crew’s survival.
      • This phase was drafted, but the department was never created before the UNSA’s dissolution and absorption into the INSA.

    With the onset of the Belt wars in 2054, a conflict that began when tensions between several corporations in the solar system devolved into a full war, demanding the attention of the entire United Nations. The resolution of the conflict in 2056 was a messy affair.​
    • By the end of the war, a multitude of different colony-states and eventually full nations emerged, some compleately independent form their Earth origins, some formed by the corporations themselves, their rebellious employees, or a combination of both, all demanding representation in the United Nations. It was complicated.
    • The UN itself, due to several factors including infighting, economic sanctions and the such lead to the disbandment of the venerable institution to create the much larger and more effective International Union (or INU) and it’s subsidiary, the International Space Agency (INSA).
    • “Thanks” to the war, several technologies had been developed and thoroughly tested, sometimes too much (see: Geneva Convention):
      • The one that matters to us was the discovery of a wormhole-like phenomenon at the edges of the solar system, though it lasted only a month, it was more than enough time to gather invaluable scientific data which in time allowed for the creation of a variety of space technologies, including jump drives and energy shields(more on them later).

    • The Reborn Project Arrowhead, reestablished in 2064by the INSA, aimed at achieving the same goal, but through modern technologies.
      • Phase 1: Compleated, see the former Project Arrowhead
      • Phase 2: Construction of a Jump Gate between Jupiter and Saturn(where the gravitational interference was minimal, but travel time remained reasonable). Construction of the Gate, as well as ancillary facilities and infrastructure was estimated to take 9 years. - Phase complete, slightly behind schedule in 2072.
      • Phase 3: Sending an unmanned probe through the gate and await conformation of successful jump. - Compleated in 2076.
      • Phase 4: Sending a near-light support vessel with capability of constructing a return gate and offfer aid to the Arrow if Necessary. - Launched in in 2067, Compleated by the “INEC Commonwealth” in 2076.
      • Phase 5: Construction of a Jump-reted vessel which could test the jump-gate and meet the INEC Commonwealth Once in-system, which it would explore while the other vessel assembled a return gate.

    Length: 204m
    Width: 95m
    Height: 95m
    Blocks: 36,237
    Mass: 1.564,3

    Power: 6.600 e/sec, 93.6% Efficiency
    Shields: N/A
    TWR: 0.5, Top speed, 127.2 m/s
    Cargo: 97k

    2x Mirata-class Transatmospheric Shuttle.
    A partially-assembled Jump Gate

    4 cycleable airlocks.
    1 USD.
    12 glowy radiators.
    Thrust-Gravity (vertical deck layout).
    A fully funcional buddy AI.
    Manuevering thrusters.
    full navigation suite.
    ample crew accomodations.
    12 cryopods.
    Nav lights.
    fully traversable main truss.


    seen from an angle. Miratas attached to the side airlocks

    cargo bay open

    The supports for the Jump Ring

    the rear thruster assembly, shown here are also 3 of the 4 main antennas.


    Engineering, viewed from on top one of the atmosphere recyclers, showing the transformers and the computer core.

    Workshop, here all the work is made, building the future, one hull plate at a time.

    cryodeck, medical seen directly below.

    the bridge

    Hydroponics, surrounded on all sides by docking ports and the bridge

    the cargo deck seen from a worker's perspective.
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