USS Special Forces Armor

    USS Special Forces Armor Mk 1.0

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    This armor is reserved for only the finest operatives in the United Sectors fleet, due in part to its immense cost and also the risk of losing its sensitive technology to the enemy in the event of capture. The armor focuses on high mobility and stealth, allowing special forces to sneak behind enemy lines and carry out vital missions.

    The USS Special Forces Armor features a durable airtight micro-particle weave undersuit and cutting-edge lightweight Nano-Fiber armor plating allowing for the highest mobility and protection. Each armor panel is covered in top-secret radar-absorbing coatings to enhance its stealth capabilities. The black crystalline armor visor offers a wide range of view and comes equipped with advanced Heads-Up-Display technology for target tracking and environmental scanning.

    USS Combat Armor
    USS Combat Armor

    USS Flight Suit
    USS Flight Suit

    How to Use Custom Skins
    1. unzip the file
    2. [Starmade] click options under the main menu
    3. [Starmade] under the general tab, select "path to player skin"
    4. [Starmade] find the .smskin file and select it
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