1. Wilavid7

      USS Special Forces Armor Mk 1.0

      This armor is reserved for only the finest operatives in the United Sectors fleet, due in part to its immense cost and also the risk of losing its sensitive technology to the enemy in the event of capture. The armor focuses on high mobility and stealth, allowing special forces to sneak behind...
    2. wizerdwolf

      StarMade Skin Compiler 2018-06-18

      StarMade-Skin-Compiler A Python 3 script for automatically compiling collections of skin textures into StarMade .smskin files. GitHub: ctl106/StarMade-Skin-Compiler Note: While I listed the "Game version" as the version I currently have installed, it should work for any version with the...
    3. Gmodism

      GI Standard Engineer Suit Mk1

      The Gmodism Industries Brings you: GI Standard Engineer Suit Mk1 The Gmodism Industries brings you our official space suit, tested and confirmed to be the optimal working suit of engineers and adaptable to different circumstances, we hope this suit will protect you well. I don't take all...
    4. wizerdwolf

      WizTech VECCS (Variable Environment Containment and Combat Suit) 1.0

      PRESENTING the all new WizTech Variable Environment Containment and Combat Suit, a hi-tech, armored combat suit coming in a variety of paint schemes to match your faction colors as well as features to help an individual survive the rigors of space. I took a small amount of inspiration for this...
    5. NuteIla

      Dead Space Skin request

      Hello everyone, I'm still kinda new to Starmade but I have big aspirations. Me and my brother are currently rebuilding ships from dead space. We recently made the Ishimura. My faction is currently EarthGov and I was hoping someone could help me with skins. Some of these seem like they'd be...
    6. blackcancer


      Hey there, I open this thread to show you what will come as my next project. A web based skin viewer for your starmade skins Here is the first concept of the interface This concept is designed for computer and in the futur a version for mobile device will be added. I'm open to any suggestion...
    7. Warrior_4_Christ

      How to change skin in multiplayer?

      Hi, I just downloaded a skin and set it as my player skin. I tried to use it in my server, but other players don't see it even after it finishes uploading.
    8. snata04

      Imperial Officer v1.0 2017-01-01

    9. snata04

      DirectorKrennic Skin v1.0 2017-01-01

    10. snata04

      Problem uploading skin

      Tried uploading a skin in .smskin format, got this error
    11. C

      Brak 2016-11-04

      I found a Space Ghost skin that I loved but Brak was always my favorite character on the show so I made an attempt to make Brak since he's some kind of alien. It's not the best. It is my first skin ever. I used Pixel Studio from the microsoft store to create this skin. I'm currently working on a...
    12. C

      skin not showing up in game

      I've recently made a custom skin (using the skin generator as a starting point and then modifying it from there with Gimp. the files all loom absolutely fine and when I put them into the game it produced no errors and gave me a skin file, I set thag and got no errors but when I join the game...
    13. Wilavid7

      USS Combat Armor Mk 1.0

      This armor is the standard issue combat uniform of the United Sectors Soldier. Built for protection and mobility, it features a durable airtight Micro-particle weave undersuit and heavy-duty composite armor plating for the best protection of the soldier while still allowing a full range of...
    14. OttoVonBismarck


      I think it's about time I had a skin, but the trouble is, the skinning template Starmade has provided does not have flat colours, which is a bitch. Do any of you have a better skin template?
    15. G

      Hekate Skin 2016-07-24

      While not the merged, three-bodied effigy you may have expected, this skin offers a female form rounded and shaded in a skintight suit to try and provide a more real appearance. While not the most detailed, I do plan on adding details if ever I do return to it. I also chose Hekate as it's a...
    16. Markus_McCloud

      Skin Req: Can someone (re)create my skin?

      Markus_McCloud once again! This is a request to anyone who is up for the task: Could someone create an upscaled version of my Minecraft skin for StarMade? Here's the texture if you need it for reference: (I know it's tiny, but that's the actual file.) Another reference (from Wolfgerlion on...
    17. Asypha

      Read by Council Player facial expressions and other animations

      Originally, this was going to be a suggestion of a specific interface for facial animations, but I realized that the actual goal is to gain some form of animation for the player. Ideally, some way to change their expressions without a total skin change. Would you agree that animations and more...
    18. Jerry_Brinefield

      Commander William T. Riker - U.S.S Enterprise 2016-02-14

      Commander Riker as he appeared in "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
    19. Reilly Reese

      CNY Marine BDU Mark 1 1.0

      CNY Marine BDU Mark 1 CNY prides itself on all of it's personnel and ground equipment. The Marine Mark 1 armor kit is no exception. Featuring a strong robust look and a clean design the Mark 1 is a clear choice for pioneering space explorers or combatants.
    20. ephla442

      Commander Shepard - FemShep < version 1 >

      Here's your very own Commander Shepard. Thanks to PhaserArray, ResaRestart, Haserd2, Runeswitch, Super_Dork_42 and ToasterBorst for keeping me motivated during the Timelapse recordings Here'a a timelapse of the FemShep skin creation process for those who may be interested. The program used...