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    Muncher 1.0

    An adorable and effective mining drone

    1. Star-Boy
      If you need a good mining drone, look no further. This little guy is big enough to be a good miner and small enough to actually work properly. It shoots 9 rapid fire salvage beams from it's eye in a diamond pattern. Each beam has 200 salvage power making them effective and efficient. It has a large cargo hold, a 2.0 thrust to mass ratio, and a bottom mounted rail docker for easy carrier docking. When docked the red and green lights stop blinking and the eye closes. If you need a drone that can devour asteroids and look adorable while doing it, the Muncher is the choice for you.

      Muncher Drone by Starboy on Sketchfab

      Feel free to repaint/modify/use this ship however you like but be aware that messing with the mining system can cause the drone to not work properly.

    Recent Reviews

    1. darknassius
      Version: 1.0
      i like the disgn of this ship en the choice of color for him ..

      it' s a small organic shape..funny one ..nice job
      1. Star-Boy
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the review. I'm quite happy with the look of this ship as I wanted it to look kind of cute and harmless since it has no offensive capabilities and minimal shields. The ship relies on being adorable for defense like a kitten or a puppy.