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    Star Whale 1.0

    Hello ground! Will you be friends with me?

    1. Star-Boy
      I built a 300 meter long sperm whale. I don't really remember why I did this. I'm going to take this shell and turn it into a zombie cyborg space whale. I'm posting this non cyborg-zombie whale shell on here in the hopes that other people will take it and create their own space whales using this as a base. You could also load it with shields, place a big chunk of valuable computers in the center, and have them be rare spawns on your server that players can hunt.

      I had to smooth out the model to get it under the 50MB limit on Sketchfab but it still gives a pretty good idea of what this beastie looks like in game. It's fully wedged with heptas, tetras, and a handful of corners.

      Star Whale by Starboy on Sketchfab

      Here's a screenshot


      a8fb3f54b56265be27af63b48fc73854dd5e5a57_hq.jpg f89325ac70a947e248e825170724b8bf--moby-dick-futurama.jpg WHALESHIPandJACK.jpg hvk8.jpg Damaged_Space_Whale.png a10c10f88a0850b4b9811b993b61abb9.jpg space_whale_1995_michael_rex.jpg Space_Whale_by_Kinzoku_Wolf.jpg vxpBflY.gif

    Recent Reviews

    1. ApathyFox
      Version: 1.0
      This is a very good shell. Keep up the good work :)
    2. DeepspaceMechanic
      Version: 1.0
      A very fine sculpture! - The detailed mouth, the blow effect, and the fact that the airlock is the blowhole are great additions. I wanted to ask if you started out by importing a 3D model? - If not, you are like a savant of StarMade sculpting! Very well-built model, respect for wedging it out like this :)
      1. Star-Boy
        Author's Response
        It started as an SMEdit import of a whale model I found. I had to fix most of the edges to make the curves more smooth and natural looking. Wedging the whole thing took a couple days but I figured it'd be worthwhile. It makes it a much more useful base for people who might want to build a whale-ship. My cyborg-zombie whale is on the back burner for now but I have some fun ideas for it.
    3. darknassius
      Version: 1.0
      very nice build ,Moby Dick in the space ^^

      We can do a lot with this beautiful realization, (I will put it well in statue in a space station)
    4. LukeSorr
      Version: 1.0
      Funnily enough, about a hour ago I was looking for space whales, then I return to this! Definitely the best I've seen.